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How to Celebrate the Academy Awards March 4, 2010

Posted by Jill Renee in : Just Jill , trackback

What was Genna thinking?

The world will tune in this Sunday evening to watch the Academy Award Ceremonies live from Los Angeles. We will watch the stars walk in and admire the beautiful dresses and the gorgeous jewelry! Of course some of the dresses will be judged not so beautiful and the tabloids will have a heyday making fun of the “ghastly” fashion choices of a few poor stars!  It does make you wonder if they have the lights on when they choose to wear some of the clothes we see!

It will be pure joy for the ones who take home the golden Oscar statue and better luck next time for the ones who only have the Wolfgang Puck dinner to look forward to. This event has come a long way from the modest beginnings in 1929. The first Academy Awards banquet was held at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and tickets cost $5! The event began to be televised in 1953 and millions in the US and Canada watched the ceremony.

I know I will be watching on Sunday night and trying to keep my eyes open until the best motion picture award is given at the end of the show.  Some of my friends go to fun Oscar theme parties and get all dressed up but my favorite way to watch is in my pajamas on my couch with some great snacks! There are so many great nominees this year it will be hard to choose a favorite or be disappointed with the eventual winners.


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