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Proposing at the Holidays September 24, 2007

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If you are planning to propose this holiday season here is a great idea. It takes a little planning but you will be a superstar fiancé by Christmas Day!

Advent Calendars are a wonderful holiday tradition.

Although the traditional calendar is a wooden box etc Use your imagination and create your own. Wrap twenty four small packages and number them with the corresponding date of the month..have your girlfriend open package number one on December 1 and so on…on December 24 or 25 put your engagement ring in the package. If you are afraid she will peek wrap an empty box and arrive with the “real” package in your pocket. Tell her you forgot to include the gift and pop the question!!

Here are some ideas for the twenty five packages:

Selling jewelry over the internet has been a wonderful adventure this past year. Although our company was launched in December 2005 things did not really get rolling until this past year. As a matter of record I felt a little like the Maytag repair man for the first year! Although I have been in and around the jewelry industry for most of my life; selling through this new medium has been wonderful. One of the best parts is not having to get dressed up in heels to go to work. I can sit at my computer and converse for hours with my customers and potential customers. Now that is the BEST part. I have gotten to speak with and sell to people all over the world and it amazes me at how similar most of us area we all want to be treated with respect and honesty and we all are so happy when we are in love. Especially when we are preparing to get engaged!! It’s one of the most wonderful times whether you are young or old it does not make a difference! That’s why we make sure each ring is made with tender loving care. One of our mottos is that we need to be sending out good karma with every ring so that the good karma comes back to us! This has its ups and downs because we will not ship a ring unless it’s perfect. We are a company that is heavily female and we all love jewelry so if we wouldn’t want it we won’t sell it to our customers. Our production team has accused us of being perfectionists and that’s how we like it. Even I have been disappointed when I have ordered potential product for the website. It looks beautiful in the pictures but when it arrives its very lightweight and flimsy or the necklace or earrings don’t look or sit right when being worn (we try everything on!). This type of product never will show up on the Danforth website. As this year comes to a close I wanted to thank each one of our wonderful customers (yes we do have the best customers) for a successful year. I wish you all the happiest and healthiest of New Years!

Best Wishes,
Jill Renee

Buying Green Engagement Rings June 14, 2007

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I get lots of questions posed to me, but the one that I seem to be hearing a lot of lately is in regards to Earth friendly, or “Green” jewelry. Most recently I received an email from a gentleman that was concerned about picking out an engagement ring for his girlfriend as she was very passionate about the environment and he didn’t want to spoil his proposal by giving her a ring that would cause a conflict in her life, given her beliefs on mining. He had been doing research on Earth Friendly jewelry and came across Danforth as a supplier, and had questions about Green gold, synthetic stones, and Palladium.

This was my answer to his dilemma:
Your dilemma is not so unusual and I have been wondering what I can do to be a responsible member of our fragile planet in regards to jewelry and diamonds.Recently, one new option has been brought to my attention. Some jewelry manufacture companies have been using recycled precious metals to make their jewelry.

This metal was previously mined and made into jewelry and then remelted and turned back into pure metals to once again be alloyed and used. The challenge here is to choose a responsible refiner who only uses earth wise methods for refining. In the past harmful chemicals were used in this process but now new methods have allowed the refining process to be clean and environmentally friendly. Palladium is a metal that is also mined from the earth but the company that mines the Palladium that we use is right here in the and they are earth friendly. We can also purchase recycled Palladium. I am making a decision to offer a line of rings that are made from recycled metals only. These rings will require no mining to get the metal. The metal will be totally recycled. I think your girlfriend could feel proud and good about wearing one of these rings.As far as diamonds go I am committed to sell only conflict free diamonds from responsible vendors who comply with the Kimberley Process and all of their guidelines. Another option would be to purchase a synthetic diamond. Charles and Colvard is a company that sells moissanite which is man made silicon carbide that closely resembles a diamond. You can easily research this online. Of course there are other man made options that you could also use. If you would like to purchase a recycled ring let me know and I can help you with the setting. I only sell conflict free diamonds so I cannot help you with the synthetic stones. Hope this helps you with your decision.

Thank you and Best Wishes
Jill Renee

Green Weddings: Couples Say ‘I Do’ To Conflict-Free Wedding Jewelry and Earth-Friendly Nuptials April 23, 2007

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In the world of engagements and wedding planning, green is the new white. From conflict-free wedding jewelry, to an environmentally-conscientious reception, with an eco-friendly honeymoon to round out the nuptials, couples are throwing out the era of Bridezilla and ushering in the age of green weddings. And it all starts with that oh-so-special wedding jewelry.

Choosing a diamond engagement ring and wedding bands are incredibly personal decisions that are also becoming ethical decisions. Socially aware couples now want to ensure that their wedding jewelry selections are not linked to human rights abuses or have not negatively impacted the environment.

Conflict-free Diamonds
Until recent years, newly engaged couples were blissfully unaware that an untold number of corrupt organizations in African countries were illegally mining diamonds that are directly linked to human rights abuses.

The good news is that more than 40 nations worldwide, including the United States, now voluntarily participate in the Kimberly Process, a system that imposes stringent requirements on imports to certify that diamonds are free from conflict. 99.8% of the global production of rough diamonds is now accounted for through the Kimberly Process.

Reputable engagement and wedding jewelry retailers readily confirm the origin of any stone. Online retailers are particularly sensitive to consumer concerns regarding the genesis of their diamonds. Leading online retailers, such as Danforth Diamond, My Solitaire, and Brilliant Earth actively educate consumers by providing helpful information on their websites to ensure that accurate information is easily accessible.

Green Gold?
For those who truly want guilt-free glitter, there are a number of retailers who offer recycled gold for wedding bands and the like. Concerned about a lackluster green ring? Worry not. Recycled gold, which is melted and re-refined, is the same quality as newly-mined gold.

NoDirtyGold.org publishes an ever-growing and impressive list of retailers who support the responsible production of gold.

Vintage jewelry is also enjoying a resurgence in popularity as brides and grooms opt to purchase estate jewelry or wear wedding rings that have been passed down from a family member.

Eco-friendly weddings aren’t just for the granola crunching crowd nowadays — and conflict-free diamond engagement rings and recycled gold wedding jewelry are just the beginning. As green weddings become more mainstream, the options and price ranges are increasingly abundant.

Earth-friendly Invitations
Wedding invitations printed with soy- or vegetable-based inks on recycled paper are a mainstay for green couples. If that’s not green enough for you, perhaps paperless invitations are the way to go; simply extend electronic invitations for guests who can be contacted via email. Emailed RSVPs offer an added bonus: guests are more likely to respond promptly, allowing you to accurately plan your headcount.

Location, Location, Location
A central wedding location that requires minimal travel for most guests will save on carbon emissions. Booking a venue that can host the wedding ceremony and reception will further reduce carbon emissions. Art galleries, botanical gardens, eco-friendly restaurants, hotels and parks are all excellent choices.

Here Comes the Bride
Something old, something new, something borrowed… something green? You betcha. Green brides can choose lovely, previously-worn gowns from vintage stores or gown consignment and rental shops. Brides can also turn to their family tree for a wonderfully sentimental heirloom gown. A number of designers have also embraced the eco-friendly trend and offer extravagant gowns made of hemp silk.

Wedding Favors as Decorations
Organic, locally grown flowers for bouquets and centerpieces offer a fresh, seasonal touch. Flower arrangements used at the wedding can perform double duty by being moved to the reception. Potted plants also make lovely arrangements and can be transplanted outdoors after the wedding or can serve as gifts that guests can take home.

The Gift that Keeps Giving
Portovert Magazine
, the nation’s first and only online publication devoted exclusively to environmentally and socially responsible weddings, and NativeEnergy offer a carbon emissions calculator that can be used to evaluate wedding-related carbon sources, including travel, guest lodging and power used at the wedding venues, which can help in the planning of a carbon-neutral wedding. You can find it here: http://www.nativeenergy.com/Splash/Portovert/portovert_wedding_calc.html.

Couples can also offset the carbon emissions produced as a result of their nuptials by making contributions to an eco organization of their choice or requesting that guests do the same in lieu of a wedding gift.

Paying it Forward
Eco-friendly tours, green hotel resorts, simple outdoor adventures, volunteer work for a preservation project — green honeymoons run the gamut and cater to a variety of preferences and budgets. From relaxing and luxuriant to active and outdoorsy, newlyweds can take their dream green vacation that celebrates the beginning of their new life together and the future of our planet.

And to think that it all began with a diamond engagement ring. Green weddings provide couples the opportunity to make a lifelong commitment to each other and to their world. Every wedding anniversary, from the “small” ones to the milestones years is an opportunity to renew that commitment for now and for years to come.

Perhaps a future generation will honor that same commitment by choosing to wear your “heirloom” wedding jewelry.

About the Author
Jill Renee is the president of Danforth Diamond, an online jewelry store offering engagement rings and other wedding jewelry in gold, white gold, palladium and platinum.

Palladium Jewelry February 6, 2007

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New Jewelry Metal Offers Platinum Quality at White Gold Price
By Jill Renee

Palladium Engagement RingDanforthDiamond.com has selection of beautiful Palladium Engagement Rings. You can also find matching Palladium wedding bands.

View our entire stock of Palladium Jewelry

There is a new jewelry metal on the horizon – palladium. As a platinum group metal, palladium offers customers a host of benefits that white gold and platinum can’t touch. Are customers ready for a white metal that is less expensive than platinum and hypoallergenic unlike white gold? Many jewelers and jewelry stores are banking on it.

Palladium’s steel-white appearance makes it an attractive jewelry alternative to white gold and platinum. However, palladium was difficult to cast with and had not been fit for jewelry casting until recently. Innovations in developing a castable palladium alloy produced 950 palladium, which is ideal for jewelry. It is expected that, within the coming months, consumers will begin to hear more about palladium and its benefits; and palladium could very well be the next revolution in jewelry. Much of this relies on the fact that palladium is in the platinum group of metals and shares many of the same attributes as platinum – high purity, good luster, and white appearance.

Palladium versus Platinum
Much of platinum’s cache is due to its purity. Jewelry cast using pure gold (i.e., 24K) is soft and subject to damage, which threatens the overall look and luster of the jewelry piece. To combat this, gold is commonly mixed with copper or silver to strengthen it. The concerns over gold’s softness are why gold jewelry is typically crafted using 14 or 18 karat gold. Palladium is attractive to consumers in the same way as platinum because it is a purer material that is not fabricated or man made.

2789_1_s_100.jpgAnother benefit of palladium is that it is over 40% lighter than platinum, a characteristic of palladium that has jewelry designers excited. Weight is a consideration that is especially important in earrings as heavier metals and bigger designs can stretch the ear lobe and be too heavy to wear. Larger stones can be set in a palladium design and, because it is less dense, the piece won’t feel overly heavy to the wearer.

The biggest downside to platinum is its price. Often, consumers seeking that white-metal appearance had to settle for white gold or sterling silver because of platinum’s high price tag. Palladium is set to take a large share of the market because of its affordability. Palladium is less expensive than platinum and white gold – a trend that should continue for the near term.

Palladium versus White Gold
Why is palladium more desirable? Unfortunately, white gold jewelry is manufactured using alloys containing nickel and up to 10% of the population experiences an allergic reaction to contact with nickel. Palladium is hypoallergenic so there are not the allergy concerns that plague white gold.

Also, palladium is harder than white gold making it more durable and less likely to mar. Durability is an issue particularly when it comes to mountings. If a gem stone is set using mountings made with a softer metal, the likelihood that one of the prongs could fail and the stone could fall out is higher. Often jewelers will use a harder metal in a ring setting to combat this but with palladium the entire jewelry piece can be made with the same metal.

A Growing Market
At this time refiners are working to provide 950 palladium to jewelry manufacturers and designers and many stores are set to educate consumers on palladium. All are expecting palladium to find a market as messages about its lower price and platinum-like characteristics are presented to consumers. The demand for palladium jewelry will dictate how quickly it is integrated into designer’s product lines and jewelry stores catalogs. Palladium will likely be used in the same jewelry categories as platinum, especially engagement rings and wedding jewelry.

Pros and Cons to Palladium January 4, 2007

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At our consumer jewelry site DanforthDiamond.com I received a very good question about palladium. Below I have posted the question and my answer concerning the pros and cons of palladium. – Jill

I have been looking at engagement rings lately with my boyfriend recently and have heard a little about palladium. I found your website very informative, but it is very hard to find information on palladium. Are there any downsides to a palladium engagement ring? It seems that it is almost identical to platinum, except for the price and the fact that palladium is lighter in weight, which are both appealing characteristics to me. I feel like this is too good to be true and I am finding it difficult to get more information. I found a ring that is made by a very reputable ring designer which can be made in palladium and I would like to know if I would be happy with a palladium engagement ring for the rest of my life. Are there cons to all the pros of palladium? I really appreciate any additional information you can give me.

Thank you.


Dear Stephanie,
The only con to palladium jewelry is that it is a harder metal to manufacture with. However, this should not affect your purchase in any way. It matters most to the jeweler who is more accustomed to working with gold and platinum than the consumer. If you have seen a palladium ring and you like it you should not hesitate to make the purchase. Hope this helps and all the best wishes, Jill Renee

Save Big Bucks When Shopping on the Web January 3, 2007

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When shopping for gifts, whether for ourselves or someone else, all of us are looking to save a few dollars. No matter what you’re shopping for, from a diamond engagement ring for popping the question to a scarf for Grandma – you will save big bucks by shopping online.

The key to maximizing your savings is knowing where to look to find the best bargain. And comparison shopping, by visiting various websites, is the only way to go. Instead of fighting the hustle and bustle that comes with comparison shopping at various brick-and-mortar locations, you can find better pricing options and cover more stores with the click of your mouse.

In the past, shipping and handling fees may have deterred you from shopping online, but retailers have started minimizing or waving those fees for customers who spend a certain collar amount. And while major retailers such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Macy’s have online websites, you may be able to stretch your dollar further by shopping with other established, smaller E-tailers.

Here are some examples of price comparisons between different websites and traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. (more…)

Online Diamond Jewelry Retailer Joins StopBloodDiamonds.org January 2, 2007

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Richmond, VA – January 2, 2006 – DanforthDiamond.com, an online diamond jewelry retailer committed to offering conflict-free diamonds, recently joined StopBloodDiamonds.org. For information about Danforth Diamond or to see their conflict-free diamond jewelry, visit: http://www.danforthdiamond.com.

Company president Jill Renee said the company decided to join the organization because though they are already in compliance with the Kimberley Process, they wanted to go one step further to assure customers of their commitment to conflict-free diamonds.

“We are in the diamond business, and we acknowledge there have been problems in the diamond trade.” Renee said. “We joined StopBloodDiamonds.org because we want to help our customers feel confident that the diamonds they purchase from us are legitimate and conflict-free.”

Years of war have plagued Angola, Liberia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, countries at the center of the conflict diamonds controversy (conflict diamonds are also called blood diamonds because of the violence associated with them).

The Kimberley Process was enacted in 2003 as a joint government, international diamond industry and civil society initiative to stem the international flow of conflict diamonds. Retailers in compliance with the initiative meet a certain set of criteria, know where their diamonds come from and have documentation that guarantees their diamond inventory is conflict-free.

By joining StopBloodDiamonds.org, DanforthDiamond.com joins a growing community of jewelers who are seriously committed to conflict-free diamonds. To become a member, DanforthDiamond.com was required to:

“The last thing you want is to look at a gift that is going to last you a lifetime and wonder if someone died so that you could have that diamond,” Renee says. “And at DanforthDiamond.com, you can buy any diamond in our inventory and enjoy it for a lifetime with a clear conscience.”


Company Contact:
Jill Renee
Phone: 877-404-7464

Christin Mills
Phone: 877-404-7464

Press Release Contact:
Holly Rodriguez


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After the proposal November 9, 2006

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Getting engaged is an incredibly exciting time, and you should make an effort to really enjoy it. You and your fiance have made a commitment of love to each other, you have a gorgeous engagement ring as a testament of his love for you, and you are planning a loving future together.

While the official move from girlfriend to fiancee is an unforgettable experience, you may be tempted to hyperventilate when you take a look at the list of everything that needs to be done – the parents meeting if they haven’t met yet; the engagement party; choosing attendants for the wedding; choosing and ordering a dress; finding a venue; the cake – the list goes on and on.

But no need to panic – we have an article that offers an overview to help you begin.

So, take a deep breath, pour yourself a great glass of wine, give this a quick read and enjoy the ride toward wedding bliss.


Romantic Christmas Gift Ideas She’ll Love November 9, 2006

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The spirit of the holiday season is a time when we attempt to extend a little more kindness to our fellow man (or woman), create memories with our families and express our love and gratitude through gifts. But finding that one Christmas gift idea for your girlfriend, fiancée or wife can be a daunting task when faced with the incredible number of options out there.

If you’re just stumped and can’t quite decide on what to give her, but you are looking for romantic Christmas gift ideas that will sweep her off of her feet, keep in mind that the best Christmas gift ideas require some time and effort on your part.

Here are some ideas that go beyond the impersonal gift certificate or typical scarf to get you thinking about some alternatives that may put a sparkle in her eye this Christmas.

A Christmas Engagement

There are few romantic Christmas gift ideas that can top getting engaged over the holidays. You are giving her the gift of your love and commitment, and her finger is decorated with a beautiful testament to your feelings for her. (more…)

The Perfect Ring, The Perfect Proposal September 8, 2006

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There is something enchanting about purchasing a diamond engagement ring for your soul mate. It can be a burden and a pleasure. The market is full of beautiful rings, ones that would look perfect on her hand. Classic engagement rings have a timeless beauty that transcends time and tradition. Today, many couples share the search for a diamond engagement ring. There are many benefits to shopping together. The diamond engagement ring is the most precious piece of jewelry most women will ever own.

Even though this makes it impossible to follow the traditional pattern of proposals, it opens up new methods of making the moment special. It only takes a little imagination to create the perfect, traditional proposal.

Creating the perfect proposal does not need to involve the diamond engagement ring – yet. Plan five stages, each one romantic, and designed to foreshadow the impending proposal.

There is an old Persian custom where the couple takes the first sip of a drink from their spouce’s glass. This custom was started to thwart would be murderers, but the custom has changed over the years to become a romantic and even intimate exchange between lovers. This old custom can be used to build up to a proposal.

Dinner in a fine restaurant is also one way to suggest that something special is about to happen, without giving away the intent. Choice of restaurant is important. It must not be so fancy that the woman feels uncomfortable – but it shouldn’t be a restaurant that you visit often. A restaurant with a lovely lake view, china place settings, and delicate meals, is all that is necessary. One tip, remember to make sure the restaurant serves her favorite meal and wine.

A proposal can start in the early afternoon, climaxing late at night. For example, taking a trip to wine country for an afternoon taste tour, and then ending it with a gourmet dinner in their dining room is a fine prelude to a proposal. Then, use the Persian custom to suggest that you are ‘up to something.’ This will create anticipation.

Still, for some people, the perfect proposal must include a diamond engagement ring. If you have been dreaming of this type of proposal, then try some alternatives that blend old and new together seamlessly. One is to tie a pair of diamond earrings, or a pendent, to the stem of your glass. After putting them on your beloved, you can suggest finding a diamond engagement ring to match.

Before buying a diamond engagement ring, take the time to learn more about styles and ‘realistic’ prices. Every diamond is as unique as the person who wears it. That is why it is important to look at what is available at a diamond retailer like DanforthDiamond.com They offer more rings than most people are aware of. Their selection of diamonds allows you to select a diamond to match your soul mate’s style and taste.