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I’m Back… Let’s Talk About Season 19 of the Bachelor January 14, 2015

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Season 19 of the Bachelor started off with quite a bit of drama and quite a bit of twists. For the first time in Bachelor history, Chris Soules got to go inside after only 15 women arrived and start getting to know them. Did it stop there… of course not, 3 more limos pulled up holding 15 more woman for a total of 30 beautiful choices for Chris. After an eventful evening, 8 women went home. BUT as always, a twist happened, and one woman, Kimberly, came back and asked Chris for a second chance. He is now at 23 women after the first week. During the second week, another 5 went home, including Kimberly. I guess her second change didn’t make a difference. Chris after the second week is left with 18 women.

Bachelor 2015

Let’s talk about the women for a second. The first one that EVERYBODY wants to discuss is Ashley S. What is the deal with this woman? Seriously, is she on something? If not, she needs to be taken to a mental institute because something is wrong upstairs. In last night’s group date, she was blabbing on about who knows what and nobody could understand what she was talking about. And then Chris gives her a rose…… SERIOUSLY????? During last night’s episode, we also got to learn more about Mackenzie and her input on aliens and big noses. What weird topics for a first date. Of course, Tara was drunk again. Not much more to say about that. We also learned that Ashley I is a virgin and Mackenzie was very jealous of it and continued to tell her that she should tell Chris because guys love it. But not only is she a virgin, Ashley I admitted to never having a boyfriend in her life. In response to her “free hug” card, Britt received a card from Chris for a “free kiss.” She thought it was sweet. Was it really? He kissed like 8 girls in last night’s episode is it really that sweet if he is just giving them away?


Speaking of Chris, let’s talk about him. Every woman in America fell in love with Chris during the last season of The Bachelorette and I think they were all secretly happy when Andi let him go. My question is… does America still feel the same about the man everybody is calling Prince Farming? Sure he is a sweet guy but look at the previews for what is to come. What in the heck happens in the tent in the upcoming episodes? By the moans and the way the other girls react, we can only imagine. I’m sorry but that is just nasty… you are in a tent with a bunch of other people surrounding it and on national TV. Also, it has only been two weeks and he has already full blown made out with half the girls. That is part of the show but wow.


Lastly, what is to come? Who will stay and who will go? Well there are some rumors out there about who the winner is and even the final 4. I will not repeat the winner because if the rumors are true I do not want to ruin it for anybody.   I will say that I have my reservations about the rumors circulating out there. Chris Harrison in the premiere stated that a virgin goes to the fantasy suite. We just found out that Ashley I is a virgin. She is not in the rumors of the final 4. So my final question is…. Is there another virgin or are the rumors out there false? I guess we will all have to watch and find out.


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