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Crazy Diamond Studded Gifts January 27, 2009

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The World’s Most Unique Diamond Gifts

Everyone has someone on their holiday shopping list that is difficult to shop for, be it because they’re incredibly unique or they simply have everything. Because of this, gifts must be hunted for months in advance. Keeping in mind that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner now is the time to start looking for the perfect gift of diamonds.  While the best solution for the unique gift-recipient is to simply get to know them better, the gift for the person who has everything is a bit easier. The trick is to buy a truly one of a kind gift.


White ear buds proved to be a major marketing victory for Apple and the iPod. The more discerning shopper, however, might want to push the limit a bit, choosing to sport a pair of 18 carat gold plated ear buds. These truly unique devices can be purchased for £3,500, or about $5,300. photo credit


Should your difficult recipient be a fan of the high tech gizmos, constantly buying the latest and greatest in shiny devices that whiz and blink, attempting to buy them anything tech-related can be a difficult task. A much wiser decision is to appeal to the tech lover’s sense of nostalgia. That is, go retro. Simply buying older technology is a bit passé, so, for the sake of a good gift, it’s best to spice retro up with a touch of diamonds. Take, for example, the gold-plated, diamond-studded original Gameboy, retailing for $29,500. photo credit

If the tech fan in your life is not into video games, it’s a safe bet that they love their computer. And every computer eventually needs a new mouse. Giving a mouse as a gift might sound a bit mundane, but this mouse is anything but. According to Pat Says Now, the Swiss manufacturer of the mouse, this device is cast in 18 carat white gold and is set with 59 brilliant cut diamonds in either a flower or scattered design. The modern, 3-button, optical wheel mouse can make the perfect gift for a mere $24,180. photo credit

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