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The Best Times to Propose Marriage June 6, 2008

Posted by Jill Renee in : Proposing Marriage, Romantic Tips , trackback

What is the best time of year to propose marriage? Christmas and Valentine’s Day are perennial favorites, but are they really the best dates to ask the bribe-to-be to be whether she wants to tie the knot? It may be better to pick a date that accommodates the bride’s schedule than to pick a date simply because it falls on a major holiday and “everyone else” likes to propose on that day.

Without question, Christmas and Valentine’s Day are safe bets and are sure to be met with a pleasant reaction. But the bride may be expecting a proposal on a holiday, taking the element of surprise out of the equation. Indeed, Christmas and Valentine’s Day have grown so popular as wedding proposal days that the bride-to-be may not even be surprised at all. If you really want to catch your future fiancé off-guard, propose to her the day after a major holiday. It’s highly unlikely that she’ll be expecting a 14K Art Deco Style engagement ring on February 15th.

An important factor to keep in mind when determining a proposal date is the schedule of relatives. Is your fiancé’s sister expecting a baby in June? Then don’t propose in such a way that your announcement takes away from the birth of the baby. Is your girlfriend’s brother getting married in July? Then consider not proposing in the same month to avoid any feeling of one event overshadowing the other. Wedding proposals never exist in vacuums. They ought to be viewed in the grand scope of all family-related events.

Ultimately, you know your future fiance better than anyone; therefore, only you can determine what the best proposal date is. Think about the characteristics of your fiance. Does she love the cold and generally dislike warm weather. Then don’t propose to her on a beach. What’s her favorite season? If it’s fall, then take her on a day trip to an area of the country that boasts spectacular foliage scenes and present her with a white gold designer engagement ring during a candlelight dinner. Maybe she prefers warm weather. If you feel that proposing to her during the winter is necessary, then travel with her to a sunny destination and then surprise her with the ring, perhaps a three-stone engagement ring, which is gaining in popularity every year.

You may wish to consult with your friends or immediate relatives about a proper date. Doing so might put a damper on the idea of calling them to spontaneously surprise them with the news, but if there is any potential future conflict regarding the date of your engagement announcement, it may be worth asking your tightly-knit relatives and friends for their opinions. You’ll likely get a more pointed answer than you would if you asked a random person on an Internet message board, as some people tend to do.

Odds are that any date you choose to propose will be fine in the long run. After all, a proposal is merely an announcement of intentions. The far more significant date is the wedding.


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