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Holidays are a Perfect Time to Get Engaged! December 1, 2010

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The holidays are a perfect time for couples to get engaged. Usually, the holiday season brings visits from far away relatives and friends and they present a great opportunity to share the happiness of being newly engaged and to show off the engagement ring!

 This season some celebrity couples have jumped on the holiday engagement bandwagon. Prince William and Kate Middleton kicked off the season followed by Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson. Much has been made about the Jessica and Nick engagements following one another so closely but I say so what. Let’s all try and play nice and wish them both some happiness. Poor Jessica has been under the microscope with every relationship she has had since the break up with Nick.  If she has found some happiness with Eric, that is great news!  I just can’t stand these nasty bloggers who seem to enjoy watching other people suffer. By the way how do they know who paid for the engagement ring and why do they care?

The holidays are supposed to be about good will so celebrating a happy occasion like getting engaged is a perfect fit. If you are planning on getting engaged this holiday season be sure to leave plenty of time to order the engagement ring and eliminate any stress involved with such an important purchase. Be sure to read up on choosing the right engagement ring settings and picking a perfect diamond.  Once you have done all your homework pick a good time to pop the question and have some fun!

How to Recognize Canadian Diamonds January 6, 2010

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Canadian diamonds provide a new alternative to people who want to buy diamonds, but are not comfortable with buying pieces that are potentially “conflict diamonds.”  A “conflict diamond,” by the UN’s definition, is a diamond mined by a non-legitimate government force in order to fund a rebellion.  Additionally, some people are still concerned about the legitimate governments that deal in diamond mining and production, because there is a lot of talk about human rights violations in those circumstances as well.

While diamond production and mining has become far safer and more politically-correct in the past few years, one way to be absolutely sure that no wrong has been done by producing the diamond you buy is to seek out a Canadian diamond.  Canadian diamonds account for only 15% of all the diamonds in the marketplace, but they account for 80% of all Excellent and Ideal cut diamonds.

Other diamond miners and producers have caught on to the popularity of Canadian diamonds, and have tried to mislead consumers by marketing their diamonds (mined in places other than Canada) as Canadian diamonds, so there is a little confusion in the diamond marketplace about how to recognize a Canadian diamond.  There are only two ways to be sure.

One way to be sure is the GNWT Certificate of Authenticity.  The GNWT (Government of the Northwest Territories) certification system tracks the diamond all the way from extraction from the ground to its velvet cushion at the jeweler’s.  This is important, because some diamonds mined in Canada are still sent to Asia or Africa for cutting and polishing – which gets you back into the sticky questionable human rights territory.  GNWT-certified diamonds guarantee the diamond in question was mined in Canada, and handled ethically (most likely in Canada the whole time) all throughout the process.

The certificate bears the GNWT’s polar bear insignia and includes a Gemprint of the diamond.  A Gemprint is just what it sounds like – it is a “fingerprint” of the diamond:  a digital scan of the landscape of the diamond so you can be sure the diamond you’ve bought is actually the diamond that is certified.

To take the precautions one step further, each Canadian diamond that is mined, cut, and polished in the Northwest Territories of Canada come laser-imprinted with a unique serial number.  The number can only be seen with a microscope, so no worries about staring into your pretty gem and seeing somebody’s serial number.  The number is etched into the girdle of the diamond (which is the “rim between the flatter top and the pointed bottom”) and is proof-positive that the diamond is legitimately a Canadian diamond.

Again, while diamond mining and production practices have improved a great amount in past years, the extra piece of mind obtained from buying a Canadian diamond can make all the difference for someone who still has questions or concerns about typical diamonds that are mined in the usual places and could potentially be in league with those who have questionable business practices.  Additionally, Canadian diamonds are some of the cleanest, brightest, most perfect diamonds on the market.  Isn’t your special someone worth the extra effort?

Canadian Diamonds Now Featured in Engagement Rings April 9, 2009

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Conflict-free diamonds and recycled metal jewelry give shoppers options for Earth Day and every day.

Canadian diamonds are now available at Danforth Diamond, one of the Internet’s leading diamond engagement ring sources. Their database of loose diamonds now features Canadian diamonds that can be placed in one of their Harmony diamond engagement ring settings or purchased for a pre-existing ring setting.

With concerns about funding violence in Africa through “blood diamonds,” Canada has become a source of socially-responsible diamonds in recent years becoming the world’s third-largest producer of diamonds. These conflict-free diamonds are mined in remote areas of the northern territories of Canada.
Canadian diamond engagement rings can be made to your specifications through Danforth Diamond by selecting the cut, carat, color and clarity of your Canadian diamond and then paring it with a Harmony ring setting. First, search for a diamond using the Search for Diamonds function. One of the Report fields in the search is “Canadian”. After reviewing the details of a diamond, add it to a ring and select from Danforth Diamonds’ expansive collection of Harmony solitaire settings, three-stone settings, and settings that feature other gemstones. Pairing a Canadian diamond with a Harmony engagement ring setting results in the most eco-friendly engagement ring available.

“Our current and potential customers email us with questions and special requests,” said Jill Renee, president of Danforth Diamond. “We’ve received a number of customer requests for Canadian diamonds for their wedding jewelry. We had a few diamond suppliers from Canada but this prompted us to explore new vendors.”

Whether Canadian in origin or not, Danforth Diamond only receives its diamonds from sources that adhere to the Kimberley Process, whereby a diamond’s origins are tracked in order to ensure it has not contributed to the violence that plagues much of the diamond industry in Africa. Using conflict-free diamonds is part of Danforth Diamond’s commitment to the earth and its inhabitant.

Ethical and eco-friendly engagement rings are exclusively available at Danforth Diamond by paring Canadian diamonds with Harmony recycled precious metals. An alternative to mining new metal, Harmony takes precious metal from old jewelry, jewelry scrap, and metal from industrial uses and recycles them to make new jewelry pieces. Providing a recycled metal jewelry option increases Danforth Diamond’s ability to give their customers environmentally responsible jewelry at an affordable price.

Jill Renee added, “Earth Day is coming on April 22 and each year more individuals and businesses become actively involved in taking care of the planet and its inhabitants. As a company, Danforth Diamond continues to look for innovative ways to provide earth-friendly and green diamond engagement rings and other jewelry.”

About Danforth Diamond
Danforth Diamond is a leading online engagement ring jeweler specializing in platinum and palladium diamond engagement rings. Their jewelry collection features options that fit every style and budget – from simple anniversary gifts to stunning bridal jewelry. Visit Danforth Diamond online to learn more at: DanforthDiamond.com.