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Palladium Jewelry

New Jewelry Metal Offers Platinum Quality at White Gold Price

By Jill Renee

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There is a new jewelry metal on the horizon – palladium. As a platinum group metal, palladium offers customers a host of benefits that white gold and platinum can’t touch. Are customers ready for a white metal that is less expensive than platinum and hypoallergenic unlike white gold? Many jewelers and jewelry stores are banking on it.

Palladium’s steel-white appearance makes it an attractive jewelry alternative to white gold and platinum. However, palladium was difficult to cast with and had not been fit for jewelry casting until recently. Innovations in developing a castable palladium alloy produced 950 palladium, which is ideal for jewelry. It is expected that, within the coming months, consumers will begin to hear more about palladium and its benefits; and palladium could very well be the next revolution in jewelry. Much of this relies on the fact that palladium is in the platinum group of metals and shares many of the same attributes as platinum – high purity, good luster, and white appearance.

Palladium versus Platinum
Much of platinum’s cache is due to its purity. Jewelry cast using pure gold (i.e., 24K) is soft and subject to damage, which threatens the overall look and luster of the jewelry piece. To combat this, gold is commonly mixed with copper or silver to strengthen it. The concerns over gold’s softness are why gold jewelry is typically crafted using 14 or 18 karat gold. Palladium is attractive to consumers in the same way as platinum because it is a purer material that is not fabricated or man made.

2789_1_s_100.jpgAnother benefit of palladium is that it is over 40% lighter than platinum, a characteristic of palladium that has jewelry designers excited. Weight is a consideration that is especially important in earrings as heavier metals and bigger designs can stretch the ear lobe and be too heavy to wear. Larger stones can be set in a palladium design and, because it is less dense, the piece won’t feel overly heavy to the wearer.

The biggest downside to platinum is its price. Often, consumers seeking that white-metal appearance had to settle for white gold or sterling silver because of platinum’s high price tag. Palladium is set to take a large share of the market because of its affordability. Palladium is less expensive than platinum and white gold – a trend that should continue for the near term.

Palladium versus White Gold
Why is palladium more desirable? Unfortunately, white gold jewelry is manufactured using alloys containing nickel and up to 10% of the population experiences an allergic reaction to contact with nickel. Palladium is hypoallergenic so there are not the allergy concerns that plague white gold.

Also, palladium is harder than white gold making it more durable and less likely to mar. Durability is an issue particularly when it comes to mountings. If a gem stone is set using mountings made with a softer metal, the likelihood that one of the prongs could fail and the stone could fall out is higher. Often jewelers will use a harder metal in a ring setting to combat this but with palladium the entire jewelry piece can be made with the same metal.

A Growing Market
At this time refiners are working to provide 950 palladium to jewelry manufacturers and designers and many stores are set to educate consumers on palladium. All are expecting palladium to find a market as messages about its lower price and platinum-like characteristics are presented to consumers. The demand for palladium jewelry will dictate how quickly it is integrated into designer’s product lines and jewelry stores catalogs. Palladium will likely be used in the same jewelry categories as platinum, especially engagement rings and wedding jewelry.


1. pulane - September 28, 2006

I have bought a palladium and silver wedding bands and wonder how much palladium is used on the ring. Also the ring is written 925 only. What does this mean.

2. Jill Renee - October 4, 2006

Hello, Pulane.

.925 is a stamp used to identify silver in the jewelry industry. It
usually indicates that the jewelry contains at least 925/1000ths pure
silver. It also means that the silver has been alloyed (combined with
another metal such as palladium or copper).

I cannot determine if your ring contains any Palladium from the information stamped on the metal, but I assume it does if that is what you were told. Silver will tarnish over time, palladium will not.

3. LS - January 20, 2007

I have an engagement ring marked 950 Pd and another ring marked 1950 Pt. Does this mean that one ring has 950/1000ths pure palladium and the other is 1950/2000ths pure platinum?

4. Jill Renee - January 22, 2007

The engagement ring that you have that is marked 950 Pd is just what you think 950/1000ths pure palladium. The ring that is marked 1950/2000 has me stumped. It should also be marked 950. I have never seen a ring marked 1950. Are you sure there is a one before the nine? Thank you and please let me know if you find out about the 1950/2000.

Jill Renee

5. LS - January 30, 2007

I looked with a better magnification and it looks like it says Pt 950 but the “t” may be worn out. I bet it is 950 Pt.

6. LS - January 30, 2007

In other words it looks like PI950.

7. Corinne Swartz - August 18, 2007

I have a necklace silver in color and is marked PD it also has a crown emblem .Could this be palladium ?It has a very secure lobster clasp It is very shiny. I could not find any other marks.

8. Jill Renee - August 31, 2007

I am afraid that I cannot tell you for certain if your necklace is Palladium. The stamping indicates that it is 950 palladium or better.
If it is from Britain the standards are quite strict for stamping and I would guess yes.

The shiny surface has me a little confused as Palladium is usually not very shiny but your necklace might be rhodium plated and that would definitely give you a shiny finish. Hope this helps. Thank you for visiting our blog and best wishes, Jill Renee

9. Michael D Taylor - Mike - October 2, 2007

Dear Jill,
I gave my wife a Pd-Ru engagement ring in 1968 which was made at the precious metal labs in Acton UK of the Mond nickel Company. It was partof a development programme for Pd from about 1948 onwards and this ring had been a show-piece to promote it as a jewelry metal even in the States by the Company. It had two zircons surrounding a saphire, and was marked Pd-Ru inside. Under one of the claws was a small casting crack. I acquired it when the rst of the jewelry was scrapped at the time of the move of the labs from Acton to Birmingham. A few years later we had a burglary and the ring was stolen. We advertised at the time in a London jewelry magazine but nothing turned up. With the correspondence you get, I just wondered if this unique piece might come to light. We would be over the moon if it did. THanks and best wishes Mike Taylor (metallurgist)

10. Jill Renee - October 5, 2007

Dear Mr. Taylor,
First of all I am very sorry for the loss of your Palladium ring. It sounds like a real showstopper of a piece. You were certainly a trend setter with Palladium back in the 60’s. As for your request to keep my eyes/ears open for news about the ring you describe; I shall. I have received a few inquiries asking about whether some pieces were Palladium but none involving a ring. I hope that I will be able to help you in this search and recovery mission! Thank you for contacting me and all the best wishes, Jill Renee

11. Shannon - October 17, 2007

Dear Jill,

I have a white gold engagement ring and my fi wants to purchase a palladium wedding band. We want matching wedding bands, so my concern is that the white gold and palladium won’t look good next to each other. Is this a bad choice? I have heard that the palladium will turn a dark color. He really likes a band that is brushed in the middle.

12. cindy - January 23, 2008

I have a platinum engagement ring and wanted to know whether a palladium wedding band would match in color (both new and over time). Thanks.

13. haruko - January 29, 2008

what if my ring says “ds pal” on the inside but has no number on it? how can i tell how much palladium is in it if any? this ring was designed by mark schneider, if that’s any help

14. Pete - February 5, 2008

Dear Sirs
I have a ring stamped on the inside as follows Au750 PI950 H
have you ever seen this before? What does it mean? I would really appreciate the help.


15. Jill Renee - February 21, 2008

Dear Cindy,
I would like to tell you that this would be fine and save you some money but the truth is that Palladium is slightly grayer in color than Platinum and you would be able to tell the difference. Thank you.
Sincerely , Jill

16. Jill Renee - February 21, 2008

Haruko, My guess is the the “DS” is the trademark stamp…the D representing a first name or initial and the S representing Schneider. The “pal” represents Palladium and if it is stamped “pal” only it must be 950 pure or higher according to the stamping laws. You have a nice Palladium ring. Thank you, Sincerely, Jill

17. Jill Renee - February 21, 2008

Hi Pete,
I am guessing that the “Au750” means that your ring has an 18k yellow? gold shank with the “PI” indicating a Platinum//Iridium setting. The “H” could represent the trademark or it could stand for
head (setting) I am not certain. Hope this helps, Sincerely, Jill

18. SK - February 29, 2008

Will palladium scratch like platinum does? I have a friend that just recently received a platinum engagement ring and it has scratches on the bottom already. I know platinum is more durable than white gold, but how does palladium compare?

19. Jill Renee - March 5, 2008

Palladium will scratch like Platinum. The scratches will become less apparent over time as the metal takes on its greyer patina. Palladium is harder than gold. All precious metal will scratch, the extent of the scratches is dependant on the wearer of the jewelry as well as the metal. For more information on metal choices and hardness please visit this link from our website:


Thank you. Sincerely, Jill Renee

20. Brad - March 17, 2008

Do you have recycled palladium engagement rings? It looked like you were investigating this last year and I wondered if you have any to offer. My wife’s ring was stolen and we’re interested in replacing it with a hypoallergenic metal and one that hasn’t been mined and are very interested in recycled palladium.
Thank you

21. Sofia - April 30, 2008

Hi there…I just purchased a ring marked PD 925 on the inside. The stone is “orange” mesures 17mm long and 12mm wide and it has smaller white stones surrounding it. I know 925 stands for sterling but what does the PD in capital letters stand for. Thank You

22. Jill Renee - May 19, 2008

Dear Sofia,
Your ring should be 92.5% Palladium from the stamping you describe.
However I think it is stamped incorrectly and probably is an alloy which is 925 Sterling Silver with Palladium added. I do not know how much Palladium the alloy contains from the stamp you describe, but the PD means Palladium. Thank you. Sincerely, Jill Renee

23. JT - May 30, 2008

Hi there,

Is it true that Palladium cannot be refitted like gold? I went to a jewler and he said if I get a Palladium ring over time as I get older my finger gets fatter or whatever that I COULD NOT get the ring refitted. I would have to get a new ring because Palladium cannot be refitted.
Is this true?

Also can one ingrave a design in a palladium ring?


24. lb - April 19, 2009

I just took my ring in to be resized. I think the jeweler stole some of the platinum from my ring. It doesn’t weigh the same amount. I don’t see any other explanation. Platinum is heavy. How do I know if the jeweler replaced the metal with a white gold.

25. Mark - July 29, 2009

Hi there

My new Palladium wedding ring is stamped PAL and DOM – i understand the PAL means it’s 950 pure or higher…but what does the DOM mean??

Many thanks

26. john davis - July 29, 2009

when do the full hall marks come out for palladium

27. MiMi - October 13, 2009

I have a necklace my boyfiend found at a flea market. He bought it because he liked it and it has FI stamped in it. What does this mean?

28. Jill Renee - October 14, 2009

My guess is that this is a manufacturers trademark. It does not mean anything that I know of as far as hallmarking. If the necklace had any precious metal at all it would definately be hallmarked…I think the value is in the sentiment not the metal content.
Thank you, Sincerely, Jill Renee

29. Janelle - October 11, 2010

My ring is supposed to be 18 k whte gold but the only marking on the inside of it is 750. What does this mean?

30. Jill Renee - May 10, 2011

Hello Janelle, 750 means 75% gold which is 18kt. I hope this helps! Thanks, Jill

31. Mark Weisser - October 27, 2010

I am looking for a tension set ring in palladium for a sapphire I am going to buy. I have seen plat, yellow, and white gold used. I haven’t found anyone who uses palladium in tension rings yet. Would you have any info on this? Thanks.

32. Jill Renee - May 14, 2012

Hi Mark! In most cases, palladium is too soft to use as a tension setting metal. This is probably the reason you are not able to find any. We can do some tension settings. If you email us at experts@danfothdiamond with exactly what you are looking for, we will see if it is something we can manufacture and if palladium is an option. Thank you.

33. Iain - February 19, 2011

I have a ring , marked PAL ….is it palladium and what purity

34. Jill Renee - February 21, 2011

Hi Lian.
The stamping inside of your ring means that it is 950 Palladium or better. Thank you. Jill

35. Shay O. - March 2, 2011

Hey Jill,
My mom has a ring that I thought was just costume/fake because on the inside it is stamped PD. There are no numbers stamped with it. I have no idea if it is Palladium, or just a costume ring. All the information I have foung online says that there should be a number following the PD. Can you help me?

36. Jill Renee - March 16, 2011

I am thinking the ring is actually palladium but there should be a number like 950pd before the PD stamp. The only way to know for sure would be to test the ring. If you are willing to pay the postage this is something we could do for you or you may want to take it to a local jewelry store and have them take a look. I am sorry I cannot give you confirmation one way or the other with the information you have. If you would like to have us take a look please e-mail us at experts@danforthdiamond.com for more details. Thank you and best wishes, Jill

37. Shay O. - March 3, 2011

I have a ring marked “PD” with no numbers or anything else. Is this palladium and what purity if it is? Thanks!

38. Jill Renee - March 16, 2011

I have some more information about your ring marked PD..I just learned from an associate that it is legal/common in the United Kingdom to have palladium rings stamped PD. This means the ring is 950 pure palladium. He said it may also be legal to do in Germany but we are not absolutely sure about that. Hope this helps. Thank you, all the best, Jill

39. Mary jo - March 4, 2011

I have a ring marked 5oo inside. What is this mark? Is it gold or pallidium?

40. Jill Renee - May 10, 2011

Hello Mary Jo, if a ring is marked “500” then it is probably 500 quality platinum or, if from Europe, it may be 500 quality palladium. This means that 50% of the alloy is either platinum or palladium. For a legal mark it should have either “Plat” or “Palladium” also marked with the 500. This ring should not be gold – I do not know of a 500 quality gold. Thank you for your question! Jill

41. Gary - March 18, 2011

Hi Jill, I have just bought a second hand engagement ring. the hall mark has on it 950 DOM and there is an anchor. Can you help me with this please. Also there seems to of been etched on the inside the diamond info, vvs2 .48 D can you help me with this as well. I have no certificate for the ring but the jeweller said he would give me a certificate for the insurance to say that the cost to replace new would be around £2,000 I only paid £600 for it!!!! Have a got a bargain or should I be worried as to the authenticity. The diamond by the way is emerald cut.

42. Jill Renee - May 10, 2011

Hello Gary, the anchor could possibly be that it was hallmarked at Birmingham assay office in England. Otherwise I am not sure what this is. The 950 signifies that it is 95% pure, and refers to platinum. There is no 950 gold hallmark in either Europe or the US. DOM may well be the makers mark – i.e. who made it. There is a company in Birmingham in England called “Domino” that do, amongst other things, wedding bands. Without seeing the ring I cannot be certain but I would think it is a 950 platinum alloy ring, made by Domino and hallmarked at Birmingham assay office. As far as the diamond goes, I think you got a great deal! Usually, diamond are laser inscribed with the certification number. This way diamonds can be tracked back to their certificate. It is very unusual that your diamond is laser inscribed with the actual diamond information. To learn more about cut, color, clarity, and carat, you can visit http://www.danforthdiamond.com/the-4-cs. I hope this helps! Thank-you, Jill

43. Jamie - April 29, 2011

Hi Jill, I purchased a wedding band in Palladium that has a brushed finished in the middle and polished on the outer thirds. The brushed finished comes off after 2 to 3 months. I work in an office in front of a computer, so I should not be too hard wearing on the ring. Is this common for the brushed finish on a Palladium wedding band to disappear so quickly? I have had the finish reapplied, but it disappeared again within the 2 – 3month period. Kind regards, Jamie

44. Jill Renee - May 10, 2011

Hello Jamie, this is not uncommon. Palladium alloys are very soft and “self-burnish” very easily – the metal moves about rather than wears away. While each instance will have its own set of unique circumstances, 3 months does not sound unusual for this to occur. The same thing will happen if the middle was platinum, but it would probably last slightly longer. Jill

45. Pamela Blackburn - May 24, 2011

Hi, I have a Diamond ring and it is stamped “PAL 750 (with a round symbol), could you please advise what this means. Thanks Pamela

46. Jill Renee - September 22, 2011

Hi Pamela, I am not completely sure what the stamp means. It could be one of several things. The PAL could be the vendor mark and the 750 could mean that the ring is made of 18K gold. Or the PAL 750 could signify that the ring is made of a 75% palladium alloy. I am sorry that I can not help you more with this question. Thanks, Jill

47. Nicole - October 13, 2011

Hi Jill,

My e-ring is 18K Palladium and my wedding band is 14K white gold. Will there be a rubbing issue on these combination? I heard that its not safe to wear white gold and platinum together but not sure about palladium. Please advise.

Thank you,

48. Jill Renee - October 20, 2011

Hi Nicole! 18K Palladium is 18K white gold alloyed with palladium rather than nickle. The 14K white gold will be a little harder than the 18K palladium gold so if the wear takes place, it is more likely to affect the 18K ring. However, all rings wear and people mix and match white gold and yellow gold and other metals all the time. Platinum and palladium are soft metals and will be scratched the the 14K white gold but since the ring is not platinum or palladium, your rings will be okay. I hope this helps! Jill

49. Cherise - October 21, 2011

Hi there,

I received a palladium engagement ring in July 2011. The ring is stamped with PD 2011 only. I noticed last that that there are already small scratches on the ring and a small chip. Do you think this is really palladium? Can palladium chip and scratch after only 3 months?

50. Jill Renee - October 24, 2011

Hi Cherise,
It is difficult for me to say if the ring is truly palladium or not. Stamping standards and enforcement vary from country to country. However, usually a ring stamped with Pd indicates that it is made of 95% Palladium or better. In the U.S., a jeweler has the choice to stamp a 95% Palladium ring with either Pd, Pall., or PD 950 but they all have the same meaning. The 2011 most likely indicates the year but it is not a required marking. Because it is 95% pure metal, small scratches on palladium rings are common even with in the first few months. However, the advantages to PD include better wearability and that it is nickel free (for allergy reasons). Wearability means that over time the scratches will become less apparent as the metal takes on its greyer patina. A palladium ring should not “chip” unless it was subject to sort of unusual wear and tear; for example, if it were slammed against a vary hard surface. I hope this helps! Thank you for your question. Jill

51. Connar - November 30, 2011

I have a ring given to me from my great grandmother, and wanted to know something about it. It has 15 stamped on it – 15K? It also has 625 stamped on it, along with J.K, what looks to be a cross in the middle with 1 square directly above it and two below – one to the left and one to the right of the cross & a fancy looking S. Is there any indication of when it was made from these stamps or what it would be worth? Not that I would ever sell it!

52. Jill Renee - December 1, 2011

Hello Connar,
The 15 and 625 are indications of metal purity which specifically indicate that your ring is 15K gold. I am not familiar with any country that marks jewelry with a 15 so I cannot help you determine the country of origin. Common gold markings in the US are 10, 14, 18 and 24. The J.K, the cross and the fancy looking S are most likely the maker’s mark. I have spent some time researching these markings but I have not found anything that sounds familiar or that led to any clues. Unfortunately, these markings do not give me any indication of age. Are there diamonds in your ring? Sometime the diamond cut will indicate the period from which the ring was made. As far as metal value is concerned, the worth of the ring will depend on the weight of the ring and current metal markets. I hope this helps! Thank you for your question.

53. maria fajardo - January 11, 2012

i have a bracelet stamped PD but it looks like yellow gold, is this palladium? i though palladium looks like platinum or white gold.

54. Jill Renee - March 23, 2012

Hello Maria! If your ring has a PD metal stamp, it is palladium. Sometimes chemical reactions can cause palladium to turn yellow. This happens when the metal reacts with certain lotions, perfumes, greases and a multitude of other variable! I suggest having your bracelet steam cleaned by a local jeweler. This should return it to its natural white color (which yes should resemble white gold and platinum). If the cleaning does not help, I would suggest having the metal tested. Perhaps it was stamped incorrectly? I hope this helps! Sincerely, Jill

55. Ruth - February 5, 2012

hello, I just got a ring and on the inside is stamp UTC 926 or 925 the last number is hard to read. What does this mean about the ring.

56. Jill Renee - March 23, 2012

Hi Ruth! 925 is a metal stamp that indicates that the ring is made of palladium. The UTC is most likely the jewelers stamp/logo. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with this specific stamp (UTC). I hope this helps! Sincerely, Jill

57. susan - February 25, 2012

Hi… bought a ring…appears to be 3diamonds…engraved inside the band is PD 925…what are the chances of this being a valuable ring vs costume.

58. Jill Renee - March 23, 2012

Hello Susan! The metal stamp in your ring indicates that the band is made of palladium! Palladium is a valuable nickle free precious metal. A local jeweler should be able to identify the stones for you. Stones that resemble diamonds could be a multitude of options: (1) they could be real diamonds which should be laser engraved (but keep in mind that not ALL diamonds are laser engraved), (2) they could be cubic zirconias which are imitation diamonds or (3) they could be moissanites which are man-made diamonds. A jeweler will be able to help you identify between these options! I hope this helps. It sounds like you have a very nice ring on your hands! Thanks, Jill

59. Kathy K. - March 8, 2012


I am considering getting a custom ring done in Pladdium. I will be using my own diamonds( .42ct center and fourteen .12ct rbcs) They will all be bezel set. Will it be a problem to have this ring repaired in the future or resized if needed? Also, can you solder Gold to Pladdium like you can to Platinum? Thanks,

60. Jill Renee - March 23, 2012

Hi Kathy! If your engagement ring is an eternity style which means that the diamonds go all the way around the band, then you will not be able to re-size the ring. In order to re-size a ring, there must be some free metal at the bottom of the ring that can be stretched or brought in. I am not sure how far down the sides of the engagement ring your side diamond will fall so I cannot give you an exact answer to the re-sizing questions. Bezel settings and sides stones do not make a ring more difficult to repair. Hopefully, the ring will be make correctly the first time and you will not have to deal with repairs! However, you will be able to repair the ring if need be. Finally, you can solder gold to palladium but you will need to use gold solder in order to achieve a firm hold. I hope that these answer have helped!! Thank you for your questions! Sincerely, Jill

61. Becki - March 23, 2012

Hi just ordered a palladium wedding band bt a review on a different wedding band said there was no stamp on it does it means it fake if theres no stamp

62. Jill Renee - March 23, 2012

Hi Rebecca! The fact that there is not a stamp on the ring does not necessarily mean that your wedding band is not Palladium. Metal stamping is one of the last steps in producing a wedding band and it is possible that the jeweler simply missed this step. With that being said, metal stamps are extremely important! I strongly suggest contacting your jeweler and requesting that they test the metal of your wedding band and stamp it accordingly. I hope this helps! Thanks, Jill

63. PattyD - April 26, 2012

I have a thick serpentine silver tone 22″ chain with a metal tag marked PD cursive writing with a crown above it. There are no markings on the lobster claw or clasp, just the tag. The lady at the yard sale said it was silver, possibly plated, but I’m not sure. Can it be palladium or plated palladium? I bought it because my initials are PD.

64. Jill Renee - May 14, 2012

Hi PattyD! If this chain was sold as silver than it is probably not palladium. If the mark was PT instead of PD than it could possibly mean plated but I am not sure what the PD means on the silver chain. It could be the maker’s mark from where you purchased it.

65. Ellen - May 11, 2012

I’m reading everyones remarks about 925 and 850 and 625… My ring is simply marked PD 7. Can someone tell me a little of what it may mean?? It’s a nice silver ring with a beautiful blue cat’s eye stone. I know PD is Palladium, but what does the 7 mean?
Also, is palladium becoming more “popular” or being used more?
Thanks in advance for any info!

66. Jill Renee - May 14, 2012

Hi Ellen! I checked with our metal specialist and he is not sure what this is. Palladium is a lot more expensive than silver and if the ring was purchased as silver it is probable not palladium. He said it could be a silver palladium alloy but he is not sure. We have not heard of the PD 7 mark before. As far as palladium goes, it is becoming more and more popular. Palladium is one of our top sellers because it is hypo-allergenic and is good for people with nickel allergies.

67. Hajni - May 16, 2012

I would like to buy a palladium wedding ring, but I’m not sure which would be the better choice: 500 or 950? Which one is more durable?
Thank you.
Sincerely Hajni

68. Jill Renee - May 18, 2012

Hello Hajni! The better choice is the 950 palladium. This one is more durable and what most rings are offered in. Please let me know if you have any further questions. Thank you.

69. Hajni - May 18, 2012

Thank you for your help!

70. lindsey - July 2, 2012

Hope you can help me! I have a 9ct gold diamond solitaire ring and wondered what the stamps mean inside it. They are 375 which I know means 9ct gold it also has MDR then 0.25HPJ. Any idea what these mean and is it definitly a diamond as it doesn’t have DIA stamped in it.thanks lindsey.

71. Jill Renee - July 3, 2012

Hi Lindsey, I have checked with our metal expert on these stamps for you. He said that the ring is 9K which is what the 375 is for. The other two stamps he is not sure of. The MDR is more than likely a trademark. The ring would not have the center stone carat weight stamped on it. You can take the ring to a local jeweler and they would be able test the diamond for you. I hope this answered your questions a little. Please let me know if you have any further questions and we will try to help.

72. ZAIDA - July 5, 2012


73. Jill Renee - July 9, 2012

Hi CubanZ7. If your earrings are stamped PD then they are more than likely palladium. PD is the karat stamp for palladium jewelery. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Thank You.

74. Chris Curious - July 8, 2012

I have a beautiful Diamond ring with 1 large center stone, about 16 samll ones around it and several others going down both sides of each side, which stop half way. PD is stamped on the inside but nothing else. Have I lost my money or could this beautiful ring have been a bargain?

75. Jill Renee - July 9, 2012

Hi Chris. I do not think you lost money on this ring but it is hard to tell with the little bit of information I know. Being that the ring is stamped PD then it is palladium metal. I would not worry that it is not stamped with anything else on the inside. Some manufacturers put their trademark in the rings but not all. Also, the carat weight of the diamonds is almost never stamped into the ring. So being that you only have the metal stamp in the ring is not a bad thing and I do not think you need to worry about having lost your money on your ring.

76. Bula3525 - July 10, 2012

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77. trinity - September 21, 2012

i bought a vehicle and as i was going thru it i found a diamond charm.it has 23 diamond chips and one big stone in middle.ive done the tests it says to do online and it passes.also it has pd stamped on inside of charm ive now learned what this means.if the big stone isnt real how much would the diamond chips snd it being pallodium be worth?

78. Jill Renee - September 24, 2012

Trinity, I do not know the value of this charm you found. However, you should be able to take it to a local jewelry store to have an evaluation done. Thank You.

79. authentic jordans - October 5, 2012

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80. Pter Chenoweth - October 26, 2012

My wife has a ring that was designed by my grandfather for his wife over 40 years ago that has 24K PALL on the inside. presuming that PALL stands for Palladium what else can you tell me.

81. Jill Renee - October 26, 2012

Hi Pter. I am really not sure what the ring is. 24K would be pure gold and cannot have any other element in it. If it is a white ring, the PALL could mean palladium but it should not state 24K if that’s the case. If it is a yellow ring, it is probably 24K gold. The PALL could be a jewelers trademark. I hope this helped some. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

82. J.Simmons - December 29, 2012

I was on the bus and I found a set of earrings looped together in a seat
They are stamped 950 th..what’s does 950 th means

83. Jill Renee - January 22, 2013

Hello J. Simmons, I am not sure what th means. The 950 more than likely means that the earrings are 950 palladium. The th could be a trademark for the jeweler but there is no way to tell.

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85. Mandy - May 21, 2013

I have an engagment ring stamped pl 500 ..what does this mean ??

86. Jill Renee - July 17, 2013

Hi Mandy. We are honestly not sure what pl 500 is. Normally palladium has a pd and platinum has a pt. However, it could be a poor stamp and be either of these metals. The best thing would be to take it to a jeweler and have it tested. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks!

87. OT - June 19, 2013

I supposedly bought a palladium wedding band recently. I noticed from your Q & A’s above that others have 950Pd stamped in their rings. The stamp I have in my ring is 14K©Fdelta. Do you think I have a gold ring or a pallidium ring?

88. Jill Renee - July 16, 2013

Hi OT. The stamp 14K means that the ring is 14K gold. The Fdelta is probably a jeweler’s trademark.

89. James Moore - June 29, 2013

Hi I have just baught two wedding band that they said were paladium we have only had them two weeks and they have quite bad scratch on the already. I was told this wouldn’t happen with paladium, they are marked PD500. Do you know if they are actually paladium ? Thank you

90. Jill Renee - July 17, 2013

Hello James. PD500 is 50% palladium and 50% something else. Usually silver with a little copper in it. Without knowing the specific alloy that was used in your ring it is hard to say, but, most palladium alloys are quite soft and scratch fairly easily. Please let me know if you have any further questions. Thank You!

91. Victoria Arender - October 26, 2014

Hi. My mom has a 1 carat diamond 14 carat gold ring with 925 wrote in it and pd is also wrote in it with a heart around pd. What does that mean?

92. Jill Renee - January 14, 2015

Hi Victoria! It is really hard to determine what the stamps mean since there are so many things out there. 925 usually stands for palladium, platinum, or even silver. I have never known it to stand for gold. The pd could stand for palladium but I am not sure about the heart around it. This could be the jeweler’s trademark. If you know where the ring was purchased, the best thing would be to ask them what the stamps mean.

93. Kate Knight - December 29, 2014

I have an engagement ring that we thought was silver with a diamond. Only on the inside of the ring there is a 74, also LSC 950PT. From reading some of the above comments, is it a platinum ring?

94. Jill Renee - January 14, 2015

Hi Kate! LSC is the maker. 950PT stands for platinum. The .74 is probably the carat total weight of the side stones. I hope this helps.

95. Edna Gooley - January 8, 2015

I have a bracelet with a crown on top, a wreath on the bottom, and PD in the center any idea.

96. Jill Renee - January 14, 2015

Hi Edna! PD could stand for palladium or it could be the maker’s mark. The best way to find out for sure would be to ask the jeweler it came from.