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Drama, Love, & Sparkle… Season 17 Bachelor, Sean Lowe February 28, 2013

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Season 17 of the Bachelor is the best thus far, if you are interested in drama.  Of course you are, everybody is interested in watching drama and we definitely got our worth this season.  Sean Lowe, the bachelor for season 17 is actually a returning contestant.  He came on the last season of the Bachelorette and Emily Maynard sent him home before the final two.  Even though Sean made it to the final three, he was shocked when Emily sent him home.  His motto this season has been that he will not prolong the journey with any of the girls if he knows the connection is not there.  We have seen him send home several girls before the rose ceremonies because something told him that they were not the right woman for him.

This season has shown us quite a bit of drama with the ladies.  From cat-fights to tears, from injuries to competition, and from insecurities to jealousy.  Most of this evolved around one woman and her name was Tierra LiCausi.  Tierra was the source of a lot of drama on this season.  She was injured twice, once while falling up the stairs, and once because she ran around half naked after doing the polar bear plunge.  Seriously?  She knew what she was doing.  The rest of the girls and Sean all got properly wrapped after they got out of the water.  Tierra is also the one who was always in tears because she could not get along with the other girls.  She had Sean fooled for weeks upon weeks until he finally listened to what the other girls were saying and what his heart was saying and said goodbye to Tierra.  Tierra always talks about her “sparkle” and how nobody will ever take away her “sparkle.”  We all look forward to seeing Tierra again on next week’s episode, “The Girls Tell All.”

As for the other girls, Sean is down to his final two.  He just sent AshLee Frazier home.  AshLee did not see it coming and on the date before he sent her home was telling him that she wanted a cushion cut diamond with diamonds all the way around the band.  I think it is safe to say that Ashley waSean Lowe Final Twos shocked to be sent home before the final two just like Sean was shocked when Emily sent him home the exact same week.

The final two girls are Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter.  I see a connection with both girls but I think his connection with Lindsay is more natural and is stronger.  With that said, do I think he will pick Lindsay…. NO!  I have learned to read between the lines during these shows and I believe that Sean will pick Catherine.  The way he acts and the things that he says leads me to this decision.  I think that Sean will make a mistake in picking Catherine but I wish him the best of luck in any decision.  I just hope he watches out for Lindsay’s military dad if he breaks her heart.

The last two episodes will be interesting.  Will Tierra confront the girls next week at the Girls Tell All and will she confront Sean?  Also, in two weeks, who will Sean pick?  And who gives him the note that makes him tear up before his decision?  Stay tuned, I know I will.

June’s Jewels June 14, 2012

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Who comes with summer to this earth,
And owes to June her hour of birth,
With ring of agate on her hand
Can health, wealth, and long life command.

There are three gemstones that are associated with births in the month of June. Those stones consist of Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone. The modern birthstone is Pearl or Moonstone, the traditional birthstone is Alexandrite, and the Mystical birthstone is Moonstone.

Pearls were one of the favorite gem materials of the Roman Empire. They are unique because they are the only gems that come from a living sea creature and need no faceting or polishing to reveal their natural beauty. The first successful culturing of round saltwater pearls began in the early 1900s, and since the 1920s, cultured pearls have almost completely replaced natural pearls in the market.

Alexandrite is a beautiful shade of green in daylight and fluorescent light. However, it does change color to a purplish red in incandescent light. It was discovered first in Russia in 1831 and some jewelers stock synthetic versions due to its rarity.

Moonstone was given its name by the Roman natural historian Pliny. He wrote that moonstone’s appearance altered with the phases of the moon. Moonstones show a floating play of light. This is called adularescence and it sometimes shows either a star or cat’s eye. This gemstone occurs in many igneous and metamorphic rocks and comes in a variety of colors such as green, blue, peach, and champagne.

From Pearl, to Alexandrite, to Moonstone; whichever you choose for your birthstone, Danforth Diamond wishes all of our June babies a Happy Birthday!Alexandrites and Pearls

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Holiday proposal goes “Hauntingly Well” at Disney World December 7, 2010

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Dear Christy,

As promised, I am writing to share the news of the big night! It was a bit of a hassle because we had some time to kill between our dinner reservation and the proposal time…which was to be 6:26pm, in honor of my favorite Disney Character, Stitch (Experiment 626). We knew we wouldn’t want a wedding on 6/26 because that would be too hot, so I had to settle for time =). We got there, killed some time, I made up some lame excuse about the Holiday Haunted Mansion revealing an “exclusive” decoration inside at 6:30pm every night up until Christmas, so that kept us out of the lines. I asked to have our picture taken underneath Sandy Claws at the entrance, and she agreed, and then I turned to her and started quoting the famous line between Jack and Sally from the actual movie (My dearest friend, if you don’t mind, I’d like to join you by your side, where we can gaze into the stars and sit together….*drop to a knee* Now and Forever). It was a really special moment…Everything fell perfectly into my plan, any other night because of the crowds it couldn’t have happened. So I’ve included a few pictures which include the last picture we ever took as boyfriend/girlfriend that stood for the reason to get into the position I wanted for the proposal, the actual proposal, and her immediate reaction when she realized everything was for real and she started crying immensely, leaving her face contorted and in an “unflattering” pose to her, haha. Thanks again for everything, the ring is wonderful and she loves it! Getting so many positive responses from everyone when they see it, it’s amazing.

Best Regards,

Newly Engaged Christopher

Is He the One?? February 17, 2010

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Statue of David

So you have been dating for the required nine months or longer  and you are thinking that a proposal of marriage is the logical next step but are you really sure that is what you want? (ed. note: A collection of video proposals)

Sometimes we take that important next step because we have reached a certain age, we have dated a certain amount of time, or we want to start a family and the biological clock is ticking away! We want it and we enter into our commitment for some valid reasons, but maybe we need to step back and make sure we are not rushing things. Patience now can save years of heartache and pain later.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

If the answers to any of these questions are no, you should think about your relationship and whether you are in the right place. It is true like the song says that “breaking up is hard to do” but it will allow you to explore other opportunities and pay off in the long run.

Tips for the Perfect First Date February 5, 2010

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There are few things more nerve racking than going out on that first date. What will you wear? What will you talk about? Where will you go and what will you do?

Once you get past all the wondering it’s time to relax and take things one step at a time. Do something that you enjoy to do. Wear what you are comfortable wearing. Now is not the time for a complete makeover and some four inch heels. You will most definitely be uneasy if you change your entire style for the date. Make sure your clothes are comfortable and that you are not constantly pulling on your waistband or worrying about tripping over your pants!

Now is also not the time to try out ice skating or even bowling if you have never done these things before or if your date has not.

Now is also not the time to try out ice skating or even bowling if you have never done these things before or if your date has not. Go someplace easy and keep the date to a few hours at most. Leave the exotic restaurant for the second or third date and choose someplace that offers a wide variety of options including some vegetarian choices.

The most important thing is to be yourself and to be honest about who you are. This does not mean rambling on about all of you personal business. Keep some things private until the relationship has time to grow.  Most importantly let your date know whether you have had a good time or if the connection was missing. That way you both are on the same page when the date is over.

A Valentine’s Day Classic – Dinner and a Movie January 28, 2010

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How about dinner and a movie this Valentines’ Day? You can do the cooking or order in and rent a movie for a perfect and inexpensive evening of romance.

We have some movie suggestions for the most romantic night of the year.  If you want to go through a box of tissues opt for epic classics like “Casablanca”, “Titanic”, “Love Story”, “The “Notebook”, “The Way We Were”, or “An Officer and A Gentleman”.  If you like a little laughter through your tears  try “Ghost” “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”,” A Walk In The Clouds” or “Sleepless in Seattle”.  If you prefer lighter fare opt for “Moonstruck”, “You’ve Got Mail”, “Bridgette Jones’ Diary”, “How To Loose A Guy in Ten Days”, or “How I Married An Ax Murderer”. If these movies don’t stir your passion, you can view the top 50 romantics movies at IMDB.com and choose one yourself.

You can visit a cooking website like the FoodNetwork.com for some great romantic meal suggestions and they will even tell you how hard or easy the preparation will be so you don’t get in over your head. Just don’t forget the popcorn and have fun!

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New Valentine’s Day Tradition January 26, 2010

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source: funmunch.com

Valentine’s day is right around the corner and it’s not too early to start planning your day.  Tradition holds that couples present each other with sentimental cards and presents on the holiday devoted to love.

Many choose this day as the perfect opportunity for getting engaged or married. It’s a great anniversary on which to celebrate your love for each other.

My husband and I take this day and use it as an opportunity to pass on a kindness that was shown to us when we were a young couple. We had just finished eating dinner at a Chinese restaurant and had asked for the bill. When our waiter returned he informed us that the bill had been paid by someone else. The kind benefactor had enjoyed seeing  a couple in love sharing a meal and picked up our tab! We were quite flabbergasted and grateful to the kind stranger who we never saw.

Now every Valentine’s day we go out to a local restaurant choose some happy couple and anonymously pay their tab. It brings us much more joy than you can imagine discretely watching the shock and smiles from our unknowing recipients. We think this is the perfect Valentines present to each other and it has become our yearly tradition.

However you celebrate this special day we hope you enjoy many special moments and create some Valentine day traditions.

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Telling Everyone You Are Engaged April 27, 2009

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Once you’ve gotten over the initial excitement of getting engaged, you’ll need to tell your friends and family. In the past, a lot of couples announced their engagement by buying an ad in their local newspaper. It was an efficient way to spread the news quickly. However, if you’re willing to take the road less traveled, you can add a bit of creativity to your announcement. Below, we’ll give you 4 innovative ways to announce your new status as soon-to-be-married.

#1 – Plan A Surprise Party

If you and your partner can keep a secret, organize a get-together at which you surprise your guests with the news of your engagement. If you host parties frequently, this can be an ideal way to get the word out. Your closest friends will be accustomed to your hosting get-togethers and won’t have any idea about the announcement. Whether you reserve a private room at a posh local restaurant or host it at home, a little champagne with your exciting news can pave the way for a fun evening.

#2 – Start An Engagement Blog

A blog can be a great way to keep your family and friends informed about your engagement. It’s also an ideal tool for detailing your plans for your upcoming wedding. Not only can you use it to announce your new status, your blog can also provide a chronological account of the entire planning process. You can post pictures that show you and your fiance traveling together, or your bridesmaids helping out with the wedding details. Plus, everyone in your network can meet each other through leaving comments and responding to each other on your blog.

#3 – Create An Online Photo Album

Armed with a digital camera, you can capture memorable moments throughout your engagement and post them online. Websites such as Flickr and Shutterfly will let you upload your pictures and use them to create an attractive slideshow. Include photos of your fiance’s proposal, places you’re visiting together before the wedding, and other activities. Your pictures – or slideshow – will let your friends and family experience your excitement in a personal way.

#4 – Use A Social Networking Site

Social networking sites like Facebook have exploded in popularity over the past couple of years. By announcing your engagement on these sites, your news can travel quickly to friends with whom you seldom speak but still treasure.

Telling your friends and family that you’ve recently become engaged lets them celebrate the experience with you. With a little creativity, you can make that experience more personal and enjoyable. If placing an ad in your local paper seems unimaginative, use the 4 innovative ideas above to spread the exciting news.

By Jill Renee, President of DanforthDiamond.com, a leading authority on wedding rings, engagement rings and fine jewelry. Danforth Diamond provides wisdom and advice to help you choose the right diamond, engagement or wedding ring at the right price. Visit DanforthDiamond.com or call 877.404.RING

5 Places to Consider Popping the Question February 23, 2009

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You know that you want to marry her, you’ve picked out and purchased the ring-the only thing left to do is pop the question.  Figuring out where to ask your special someone to marry you is a difficult thing, but sometimes the solutions to difficult problems are only made difficult by our desire to make things perfect.

Remember that when you are asking your intended to marry you, it needs to come from a place of love and sincerity first and foremost.  Here are a few ideas for making that day a special one to remember for you and your future spouse.

Family Visit

Though visiting your future wife’s family can be challenging and stressful, it can also be a great opportunity to propose.  After speaking with her family and asking her father for permission to marry her, you may find that the time is right to ask her for her hand in marriage.  A proposal at her childhood home may be just the right thing to bring the past and present together.

Weekend Getaway

Planning a surprise weekend getaway to a place where neither of you have been is a great way to share new experiences and enjoy one another’s company with little or no distraction.  Do your research and find a unique place to ask for her hand in marriage ahead of time and she will remember that occasion forever.

Favorite Restaurant or Bar

Many couples have their special spot that they like to visit frequently.  If you are a regular at a particular restaurant or bar, your potential spouse may enjoy being proposed to surrounded by friendly faces in a familiar spot.  You will certainly be the subject of many stories for years to come and will certainly receive congratulations and kudos from others there who know you well.

First Date Sites

Take a trip down memory lane and recall those places where the two of you first got to know one another.  Perhaps you used to walk around a park after dinner or did something particularly fun and exciting one evening.  Revisiting these places can rekindle those early feelings of attraction and puppy love that got you two to where you are today.  Proposing in one of these places could be the right move and shows that you honor the past that you have shared together.

During a Favorite Activity

Many couples share a variety of common interests, whether it is going hiking together or attending live music performances.  During one of these kinds of activities, get on one knee and propose to your special someone.  It will not soon be forgotten and is more than likely not expected either.

More than any other factor, your proposal needs to come from the heart and should show thoughtfulness and consideration.  Make sure that this special occasion fits your relationship and reflects the type of life you wish to share together in the future.

This post was contributed by Holly McCarthy, who writes on the subject of long distance dating. She invites your feedback at hollymccarthy12 at gmail dot com

Information provided by Danforth Diamond, your engagement ring experts. Visit us at http://www.danforthdiamond.com or call us at 1-877-404-RING.

Getting Engaged: What to Expect November 28, 2008

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When two people are in love, it’s natural for them to begin considering marriage. They start thinking about what life might be like together. Some couples approach it casually while others obsess over the idea. Eventually, one partner may propose marriage to the other. If the other partner agrees, they become engaged. At that point, the expectation of both partners (along with their friends and families) is to get married sometime in the future.

Getting engaged is a major step forward for any relationship. In this article, we’ll describe what it means to be engaged to your partner. We’ll also provide a few tips regarding the engagement ring and how to deal with friends’ jealousy.

What Being Engaged Means

Western societies have followed the same approach to getting engaged for generations. Two people date for awhile until they decide to spend their lives together. Once a marriage proposal is offered and accepted, a date is usually set for them to be married.

Being engaged means preparing for a lifetime spent together in marriage. Any thoughts of pursuing other relationships are tossed away. Doubts regarding the level of commitment, trust, and intimacy between the partners should be resolved. In effect, engagement is a preparatory stage before marriage.

Knowing For Sure

So, how do you know that the person to whom you’re engaged is the one you’d like to spend the rest of your life with? It’s largely a matter of examining your goals. Besides enjoying the satisfaction of being in love with each other, you’ll need to understand how your goals fit in with those of your partner. For example, if you want to have children and raise a family, it’s important that your partner wants the same.

The Engagement Ring

When proposing marriage, the man will present his partner with an engagement ring. It signifies both a gift and a promise to be married. Prices are often lower than those for wedding rings. They’re simpler in design and sometimes lack gems or diamonds. More than ever, couples are shopping for engagement rings together. While doing so eliminates any chance of surprising one partner with a marriage proposal, it also ensures that the ring matches her taste and preference. It’s also a good idea to shop for a wedding ring at the same time as both rings will need to complement each other.

Dealing With Friends’ Jealousy

It’s not uncommon for the friends of one or both partners to feel jealous when their friend becomes engaged. Often, it’s due to a subtle competitiveness. That is, a friend may not be able to understand why they are not getting engaged themselves. If you have a friend who seems jealous, don’t let it slide. Be upfront about it and try to resolve the problem quickly. It’s fine to be humble about your engagement in an effort to not make them jealous. But, it’s also appropriate to be excited about it. You shouldn’t have to hide that excitement.

The Planning Begins

A lot of planning takes place between the two partners after the marriage proposal is accepted. In the short term, most of the planning is devoted to the upcoming wedding, reception, and honeymoon. In the long term, factors such as having children, buying a house, and other plans are considered. There’s a dramatic change in perspective between the two partners as they move from a dating relationship to planning their lives together.

Getting engaged is an exciting, and sometimes daunting, stage before marriage. By remaining communicative, loving, and considerate toward each other, both partners can approach their marriage confidently with anticipation for what lies ahead.