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Drama, Love, & Sparkle… Season 17 Bachelor, Sean Lowe February 28, 2013

Posted by Jill Renee in : Destination Proposals, Engagement Rings, Proposing Marriage, Romantic Tips, Wedding Jewelry , trackback

Season 17 of the Bachelor is the best thus far, if you are interested in drama.  Of course you are, everybody is interested in watching drama and we definitely got our worth this season.  Sean Lowe, the bachelor for season 17 is actually a returning contestant.  He came on the last season of the Bachelorette and Emily Maynard sent him home before the final two.  Even though Sean made it to the final three, he was shocked when Emily sent him home.  His motto this season has been that he will not prolong the journey with any of the girls if he knows the connection is not there.  We have seen him send home several girls before the rose ceremonies because something told him that they were not the right woman for him.

This season has shown us quite a bit of drama with the ladies.  From cat-fights to tears, from injuries to competition, and from insecurities to jealousy.  Most of this evolved around one woman and her name was Tierra LiCausi.  Tierra was the source of a lot of drama on this season.  She was injured twice, once while falling up the stairs, and once because she ran around half naked after doing the polar bear plunge.  Seriously?  She knew what she was doing.  The rest of the girls and Sean all got properly wrapped after they got out of the water.  Tierra is also the one who was always in tears because she could not get along with the other girls.  She had Sean fooled for weeks upon weeks until he finally listened to what the other girls were saying and what his heart was saying and said goodbye to Tierra.  Tierra always talks about her “sparkle” and how nobody will ever take away her “sparkle.”  We all look forward to seeing Tierra again on next week’s episode, “The Girls Tell All.”

As for the other girls, Sean is down to his final two.  He just sent AshLee Frazier home.  AshLee did not see it coming and on the date before he sent her home was telling him that she wanted a cushion cut diamond with diamonds all the way around the band.  I think it is safe to say that Ashley waSean Lowe Final Twos shocked to be sent home before the final two just like Sean was shocked when Emily sent him home the exact same week.

The final two girls are Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter.  I see a connection with both girls but I think his connection with Lindsay is more natural and is stronger.  With that said, do I think he will pick Lindsay…. NO!  I have learned to read between the lines during these shows and I believe that Sean will pick Catherine.  The way he acts and the things that he says leads me to this decision.  I think that Sean will make a mistake in picking Catherine but I wish him the best of luck in any decision.  I just hope he watches out for Lindsay’s military dad if he breaks her heart.

The last two episodes will be interesting.  Will Tierra confront the girls next week at the Girls Tell All and will she confront Sean?  Also, in two weeks, who will Sean pick?  And who gives him the note that makes him tear up before his decision?  Stay tuned, I know I will.


1. Wedding Favors - March 8, 2013

Great blog I can’t wait to see season 17 of the Bachelor. I wonder if this season will have the same degree of drama that filled last season.