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I’m Back… Let’s Talk About Season 19 of the Bachelor January 14, 2015

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Season 19 of the Bachelor started off with quite a bit of drama and quite a bit of twists. For the first time in Bachelor history, Chris Soules got to go inside after only 15 women arrived and start getting to know them. Did it stop there… of course not, 3 more limos pulled up holding 15 more woman for a total of 30 beautiful choices for Chris. After an eventful evening, 8 women went home. BUT as always, a twist happened, and one woman, Kimberly, came back and asked Chris for a second chance. He is now at 23 women after the first week. During the second week, another 5 went home, including Kimberly. I guess her second change didn’t make a difference. Chris after the second week is left with 18 women.

Bachelor 2015

Let’s talk about the women for a second. The first one that EVERYBODY wants to discuss is Ashley S. What is the deal with this woman? Seriously, is she on something? If not, she needs to be taken to a mental institute because something is wrong upstairs. In last night’s group date, she was blabbing on about who knows what and nobody could understand what she was talking about. And then Chris gives her a rose…… SERIOUSLY????? During last night’s episode, we also got to learn more about Mackenzie and her input on aliens and big noses. What weird topics for a first date. Of course, Tara was drunk again. Not much more to say about that. We also learned that Ashley I is a virgin and Mackenzie was very jealous of it and continued to tell her that she should tell Chris because guys love it. But not only is she a virgin, Ashley I admitted to never having a boyfriend in her life. In response to her “free hug” card, Britt received a card from Chris for a “free kiss.” She thought it was sweet. Was it really? He kissed like 8 girls in last night’s episode is it really that sweet if he is just giving them away?


Speaking of Chris, let’s talk about him. Every woman in America fell in love with Chris during the last season of The Bachelorette and I think they were all secretly happy when Andi let him go. My question is… does America still feel the same about the man everybody is calling Prince Farming? Sure he is a sweet guy but look at the previews for what is to come. What in the heck happens in the tent in the upcoming episodes? By the moans and the way the other girls react, we can only imagine. I’m sorry but that is just nasty… you are in a tent with a bunch of other people surrounding it and on national TV. Also, it has only been two weeks and he has already full blown made out with half the girls. That is part of the show but wow.


Lastly, what is to come? Who will stay and who will go? Well there are some rumors out there about who the winner is and even the final 4. I will not repeat the winner because if the rumors are true I do not want to ruin it for anybody.   I will say that I have my reservations about the rumors circulating out there. Chris Harrison in the premiere stated that a virgin goes to the fantasy suite. We just found out that Ashley I is a virgin. She is not in the rumors of the final 4. So my final question is…. Is there another virgin or are the rumors out there false? I guess we will all have to watch and find out.

Drama, Love, & Sparkle… Season 17 Bachelor, Sean Lowe February 28, 2013

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Season 17 of the Bachelor is the best thus far, if you are interested in drama.  Of course you are, everybody is interested in watching drama and we definitely got our worth this season.  Sean Lowe, the bachelor for season 17 is actually a returning contestant.  He came on the last season of the Bachelorette and Emily Maynard sent him home before the final two.  Even though Sean made it to the final three, he was shocked when Emily sent him home.  His motto this season has been that he will not prolong the journey with any of the girls if he knows the connection is not there.  We have seen him send home several girls before the rose ceremonies because something told him that they were not the right woman for him.

This season has shown us quite a bit of drama with the ladies.  From cat-fights to tears, from injuries to competition, and from insecurities to jealousy.  Most of this evolved around one woman and her name was Tierra LiCausi.  Tierra was the source of a lot of drama on this season.  She was injured twice, once while falling up the stairs, and once because she ran around half naked after doing the polar bear plunge.  Seriously?  She knew what she was doing.  The rest of the girls and Sean all got properly wrapped after they got out of the water.  Tierra is also the one who was always in tears because she could not get along with the other girls.  She had Sean fooled for weeks upon weeks until he finally listened to what the other girls were saying and what his heart was saying and said goodbye to Tierra.  Tierra always talks about her “sparkle” and how nobody will ever take away her “sparkle.”  We all look forward to seeing Tierra again on next week’s episode, “The Girls Tell All.”

As for the other girls, Sean is down to his final two.  He just sent AshLee Frazier home.  AshLee did not see it coming and on the date before he sent her home was telling him that she wanted a cushion cut diamond with diamonds all the way around the band.  I think it is safe to say that Ashley waSean Lowe Final Twos shocked to be sent home before the final two just like Sean was shocked when Emily sent him home the exact same week.

The final two girls are Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter.  I see a connection with both girls but I think his connection with Lindsay is more natural and is stronger.  With that said, do I think he will pick Lindsay…. NO!  I have learned to read between the lines during these shows and I believe that Sean will pick Catherine.  The way he acts and the things that he says leads me to this decision.  I think that Sean will make a mistake in picking Catherine but I wish him the best of luck in any decision.  I just hope he watches out for Lindsay’s military dad if he breaks her heart.

The last two episodes will be interesting.  Will Tierra confront the girls next week at the Girls Tell All and will she confront Sean?  Also, in two weeks, who will Sean pick?  And who gives him the note that makes him tear up before his decision?  Stay tuned, I know I will.

Gossip Girl Weds Green Lantern September 25, 2012

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Every girls dream died three weeks ago when Actor Ryan Reynolds married his true love, Blake Lively.  Ryan Reynolds, 35, has been stealing girls hearts for over a decade.  Some of his more popular movies include Van Wilder, Just Friends, Definitely Maybe, and of course, Green Lantern.  Lively, 25, is famous for her starring roles in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Gossip Girl and Green Lantern.

Reynolds married Lively on September 9, 2012.  They were married in a private Southern Wedding at Boone Hall Plantation.   The two exchanged their promises at the same place The Notebook was filmed.  The two have been together about a year and even though they tied the knot on September 9th, they did not actually make it legal until 5 days later.Blake Lively's Engagement Ring

Reynolds chose Lorraine Schwartz to help him with Lively’s ring.   The ring setting is designed in rose gold with pave diamonds.  The center is a large light pink oval diamond that looks flawless in color and clarity.  The band has tiny pave set diamonds which match the diamonds of her wedding band.  There are no exact details of the diamond or the price.  The ring has a vintage appeal to it and is beautiful.

The Green Lantern costars seem to be completely in love and honestly happy.  They make a gorgeous couple and we wish them all the best and happiness in the future.

Holiday proposal goes “Hauntingly Well” at Disney World December 7, 2010

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Dear Christy,

As promised, I am writing to share the news of the big night! It was a bit of a hassle because we had some time to kill between our dinner reservation and the proposal time…which was to be 6:26pm, in honor of my favorite Disney Character, Stitch (Experiment 626). We knew we wouldn’t want a wedding on 6/26 because that would be too hot, so I had to settle for time =). We got there, killed some time, I made up some lame excuse about the Holiday Haunted Mansion revealing an “exclusive” decoration inside at 6:30pm every night up until Christmas, so that kept us out of the lines. I asked to have our picture taken underneath Sandy Claws at the entrance, and she agreed, and then I turned to her and started quoting the famous line between Jack and Sally from the actual movie (My dearest friend, if you don’t mind, I’d like to join you by your side, where we can gaze into the stars and sit together….*drop to a knee* Now and Forever). It was a really special moment…Everything fell perfectly into my plan, any other night because of the crowds it couldn’t have happened. So I’ve included a few pictures which include the last picture we ever took as boyfriend/girlfriend that stood for the reason to get into the position I wanted for the proposal, the actual proposal, and her immediate reaction when she realized everything was for real and she started crying immensely, leaving her face contorted and in an “unflattering” pose to her, haha. Thanks again for everything, the ring is wonderful and she loves it! Getting so many positive responses from everyone when they see it, it’s amazing.

Best Regards,

Newly Engaged Christopher

A Danforth Diamond Engagement Tale September 4, 2008

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Every so often, Danforth Diamond recieves letters from customers who desire to share their engagement experience.  When we checked the Danforth mailbag in August, we came across this intriguing tale about a couple who became engaged on the Great Wall of China.  The contents of the letter have been reprinted below for your enjoyment. A close up of the ring is below, click the image to view the ring on our site.


Mert and I are now officially engaged! After many pretend proposals, Mert this time pulled out a real ring and proposed to me on my 30th birthday on the Great Wall of China and OF COURSE I said YES! What an amazing day. Mert arranged a private tour of the Summer Palace and the Great Wall, both magnificent places in Beijing! I didn’t suspect a thing, figured it was all for my birthday! He played it cool the whole time.Â

mert-vanessa-just-engaged.jpgAlong our journey of the Great Wall, we reached the 18th tower (out of 20) and I didn’t want to go any further b/c it was hard already, & getting to the last 2 towers was going to be crazy, it was already hard to breathe as it was and we had a LONG way back. Mert and I climbed to the top of the tower, he gave me a hug and I felt his heart pounding like crazy and I said, “why is your heart pounding so hard…we’re definitely not going any further…” then he said “for a good reason”, then said some wonderful things that I will cherish forever and asked me to marry him and pulled out a GI-NORMOUS diamond that he’d been carrying around all day. We shed some tears out of shear bliss and excitement…there was barely anyone on the wall, the first sighting after the proposal was a group of people who turned out to be from NBC Utah…I screamed out “we just got engaged” and they congratulated us and asked if they could interview us for Utah tv…It seemed like all a blur, we told our story while they filmed. After she gave us a business card and we will be able to view it online!Â

I said, “why is your heart pounding so hard…we’re definitely not going any further…” then he said “for a good reason”

We then started our big hike back to the cable cars…they were closed…then we climbed down to the 6th tower, where the chair lift and slide (yes I did say a slide down the hill from the Great Wall, obviously which wasn’t there in the 5th century BC?) were also closed.Â


We were beside ourselves…we would have to walk all the way down the hill down a trail…It had been such a long, exciting, and cardio-filled day and we couldn’t imagine going any further…did I also mention, we hadn’t seen a soul on the Wall for a hour or so…we sat down for awhile, caught our breathe and finally decided to tackle the hike down, then all of a sudden a sweet Chinese man popped his head out and said Ne Ho (Hello)..he worked at the chair lift/slide…we begged (with sign language since they didn’t speak english) and money to let us on either ride down, he asked this other guy..they said no…then long story short Mert showed his Olympic ID (which has gotten him and sometimes me in for free everywhere) and they did some convincing to the people at the bottom and finally they let us take the chair down! they didn’t accept our money…we were pretty thankful and what a beautiful ride down.

What a day, what a birthday, what an amazing life! We both feel so blessed to have met each other and thank God for each other every day!Â

Thank-you for sharing in our happiness!

What  a story!  You can check out the couple’s video interview on the local news here.  If you have a special engagement story you’d like to share, we’d love to hear it.  Email us at experts [at] danforthdiamond [dot] com.  And be sure to check out our collection of diamonds and engagement rings so that you can find the perfect ring to include in your story.

The Top Destination Proposals January 22, 2008

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While finding the perfect ring to propose with can be an exhaustive search, what really seems to confuse many is the actual proposal itself. When and where to pop the question can be stressful at best, and since it’s a story that you’ll both be telling for the rest of your lives together, getting it right is incredibly important.

With that in mind, more and more couples are turning to the destination proposal as a way to give the beginning of their lives together a unique twist that makes it their own. While the destination proposal will certainly take quite a bit of planning, with a little help from friends and family, and a nice sized bank account, the following destinations are a great way to ask that special someone to spend the rest of their life with you.

Venice, Italy

A city built on the water, there are few cities in the world more romantic than Venice. While proposal locations within Venice are numerous, I suggest skipping out on St. Mark’s Square and taking a gondola ride for the proposal. The combination of singing, privacy, scenery, and the tradition of kissing while passing under bridges, is the perfect combination for a proposal that will stick in her mind forever.

Paris, France

The city of lights is sure to light up her face when you show her the diamond engagement ring you’ve selected for her while standing atop the Eiffel Tower. With a view of the city that can’t be rivaled, you’re sure to take her breath away when you get down on one knee hundreds of feet in the air with all of Paris as your backdrop. Rumor has it that this was the method Tom Cruise used when he proposed to the lovely Katie Holmes.