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A Danforth Diamond Engagement Tale September 4, 2008

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Every so often, Danforth Diamond recieves letters from customers who desire to share their engagement experience.  When we checked the Danforth mailbag in August, we came across this intriguing tale about a couple who became engaged on the Great Wall of China.  The contents of the letter have been reprinted below for your enjoyment. A close up of the ring is below, click the image to view the ring on our site.


Mert and I are now officially engaged! After many pretend proposals, Mert this time pulled out a real ring and proposed to me on my 30th birthday on the Great Wall of China and OF COURSE I said YES! What an amazing day. Mert arranged a private tour of the Summer Palace and the Great Wall, both magnificent places in Beijing! I didn’t suspect a thing, figured it was all for my birthday! He played it cool the whole time.Â

mert-vanessa-just-engaged.jpgAlong our journey of the Great Wall, we reached the 18th tower (out of 20) and I didn’t want to go any further b/c it was hard already, & getting to the last 2 towers was going to be crazy, it was already hard to breathe as it was and we had a LONG way back. Mert and I climbed to the top of the tower, he gave me a hug and I felt his heart pounding like crazy and I said, “why is your heart pounding so hard…we’re definitely not going any further…” then he said “for a good reason”, then said some wonderful things that I will cherish forever and asked me to marry him and pulled out a GI-NORMOUS diamond that he’d been carrying around all day. We shed some tears out of shear bliss and excitement…there was barely anyone on the wall, the first sighting after the proposal was a group of people who turned out to be from NBC Utah…I screamed out “we just got engaged” and they congratulated us and asked if they could interview us for Utah tv…It seemed like all a blur, we told our story while they filmed. After she gave us a business card and we will be able to view it online!Â

I said, “why is your heart pounding so hard…we’re definitely not going any further…” then he said “for a good reason”

We then started our big hike back to the cable cars…they were closed…then we climbed down to the 6th tower, where the chair lift and slide (yes I did say a slide down the hill from the Great Wall, obviously which wasn’t there in the 5th century BC?) were also closed.Â


We were beside ourselves…we would have to walk all the way down the hill down a trail…It had been such a long, exciting, and cardio-filled day and we couldn’t imagine going any further…did I also mention, we hadn’t seen a soul on the Wall for a hour or so…we sat down for awhile, caught our breathe and finally decided to tackle the hike down, then all of a sudden a sweet Chinese man popped his head out and said Ne Ho (Hello)..he worked at the chair lift/slide…we begged (with sign language since they didn’t speak english) and money to let us on either ride down, he asked this other guy..they said no…then long story short Mert showed his Olympic ID (which has gotten him and sometimes me in for free everywhere) and they did some convincing to the people at the bottom and finally they let us take the chair down! they didn’t accept our money…we were pretty thankful and what a beautiful ride down.

What a day, what a birthday, what an amazing life! We both feel so blessed to have met each other and thank God for each other every day!Â

Thank-you for sharing in our happiness!

What  a story!  You can check out the couple’s video interview on the local news here.  If you have a special engagement story you’d like to share, we’d love to hear it.  Email us at experts [at] danforthdiamond [dot] com.  And be sure to check out our collection of diamonds and engagement rings so that you can find the perfect ring to include in your story.


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