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Conflict-Free Diamonds, Recycled Rings & Green Jewelry Advice June 23, 2008

Posted by Jill Renee in : Diamonds, Green Weddings, Jewelry, Palladium Jewelry, Q&A from Jill , trackback

I received an interesting set of questions from a concerned gentlemen. I felt sharing my answers would help others who have similar questions about conflict-free diamonds, recycling and other green issues.

Hello, I feel a bit guilty writing to a Diamond jeweler for advice on this subject, but please honor me with a sincere response. I found your contact information on a “Green” wedding site and read a bit about materials and stones.

My dilemma is simple. My girlfriend is very passionate about preserving the environment and has expressed great concerns through out our relationship about sources of diamonds, gold, silver, mining impacts on the environment and every other subject you can imagine on precious stones and metals.

I absolutely do not want to ruin a proposal with a ring which even remotely represents “conflict” in her life. I read a bit about palladium?

Is it manufactured? Mined?

What about alternatives to “true” diamonds? Are other engineered stones appropriate?

Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

Dear Earth Wise Friend,

Your dilemma is not so unusual and I have been wondering what I can do to be a responsible member of our fragile planet in regards to jewelry and diamonds.

Recently, one new option has been brought to my attention. Some jewelry manufacture companies have been using recycled precious metals to make their jewelry. This metal was previously mined and made into jewelry and then remelted and turned back into pure metals to once again be alloyed and used. The challenge here is to choose a responsible refiner who only uses earthwise methods for refining. In the past harmful chemicals were used in this process but now new methods have allowed the refining process to be clean and environmentally friendly.

Palladium is a metal that is also mined from the earth but the company that mines the Palladium that we use is right here in the USA and they are earth friendly. We can also purchase recycled Palladium.

I am making a decision to offer a line of rings that are made from recycled metals only. These rings will require no mining to get the metal. The metal will be totally recycled. I think your girlfriend could feel proud and good about wearing one of these rings.

As far as diamonds go. I am committed to sell only conflict free diamonds from responsible vendors who comply with the Kimberley Process and all of their guidelines.

Another option would be to purchase a synthetic diamond. Charles and Colvard is a company that sells moissanite which is man made silicon carbide that closely resembles a diamond. You can easily research this online. Of course there are other man made options that you could also use.

If you would like to purchase a recycled ring let me know and I can help you with the setting. I only sell conflict free diamonds so I cannot help you with the synthetic stones. Hope this helps you with your decision.

Thank you and Best Wishes, Jill Renee


1. maria - June 23, 2008

Excellent advice on a touchy subject (conflict free diamonds).