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JP or Ben, Who Will Get the Final Rose? August 1, 2011

Posted by Jill Renee in : Engagement Rings , trackback

Ashley Hebert, the Bachelorette of Season 7, has made it to her final two guys.  Fans and viewers everywhere will get to see whether it is JP Rosebaum or Ben Flajinik that wins her heart.  Here at Danforth Diamond, we are particularly excited to see the ring! It is rumored that Ashley will receive the biggest rock in Bachelorette history, a 4 carat diamond ring! 

bachelorette-ashleyAll season Ashley has had a special connection with both JP and Ben.  However, this season has not been all grins and kisses.  Ashley dealt with the disappointment caused by a participant who came on the show as a game and was never really interested in her.  She said goodbye to the one she considered “her perfect guy” but lacked physical connection.  She also had potential suitor make it to the final three and then walk away without an explanation. 

As for the final two bachelors, Ashley has a true connection with both JP and Ben.  She feels Ben is a fun and charming guy.  She says that everything about him screams sexy.  Regarding JP, she states that she loves the way he makes her feel and that the rest of the world does not matter when they are together.  She also considers him extremely gorgeous and has the “best kisses.”

The Final Two!There are people who think she will pick Ben and there are people who think she will pick JP.  I personally think that she will pick JP! In my opinion, they seem to have a stronger physical and emotional connection.  After watching last night’s “Before the Final Rose” episode, my opinion was solidified when JP said that he could not wait until everything was out in the open and they could spend their lives together. 

It will be interesting to see the finale tonight when Ashley’s family gets to meet the final two men.  Rumor says that Ashley’s sister will advise against JP and that Ashley even had a better connection with Brad Womack (The Bachelor from last season who sent Ashley home after there were only three women left).  Other rumors suggest that the man who is not chosen tonight is totally blindsided and actually shows his angry side.

Every fan of this season’s Bachelorette has his or her own guess of the winner.  Watch tonight to see the ring and find out if your guess was correct!

Either way Ashley seemed legitimately happy in last night’s interview on “Before the Final Rose.”  Everybody is ready to watch and hope that Ashley’s gets her fairytale ending.  Tune into tonight to ABC at 8:00pm Eastern Standing Time.


1. Dennis - August 17, 2011

Do you like the way it turned out??

2. Jill Renee - August 22, 2011

YES! I love a happy ending!