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Planning the Perfect Wedding November 23, 2009

Posted by Jill Renee in : Just Jill , trackback

You’re engaged and hopefully you purchased your ring from me so you’re off to a great start. Now the hard part begins.

You need to find a location, a dress, invitations, a cake, pick music, choose attendants,  flowers, honeymoon, and on and on…

It’s enough to make Las Vegas look real good… but still you’ve got to get there, get a hotel, get a dress, pick a chapel, and on and on…

So what to do?  Relax, take a deep breath and trust that everything will work out because it always does. I really believe that things work out just as they are supposed to work out and the world keeps on turning.

My own wedding was 28 years ago and it was perfect.  We had about three hundred people and the date was August 7. Not too worry about the heat though because we were getting married in Buffalo NY. August would be warm but not unbearable. WRONG, it was the hottest day and the location for the reception had no air conditioning…catastrophe right? No not at all. Even though I was wearing long lace sleeves and a cathedral length train…I didn’t even notice the heat. Our guests kept the bartenders busy and danced their socks off. No one seemed too bothered by the heat but to this day friends and relatives comment about how unusually hot that day was in Buffalo.

bridesmaids1The bridesmaid’s were wearing the ugliest peach taffeta dresses man ever created but I loved those dresses. One friend, a beautiful red head hated the color because she said it clashed with her hair. She said she could live with the dress as long as I added a hat to the ensemble. The hats they wore were chosen by my friend and looked like something a lady born at the turn of the century would wear on a long day riding a horse. She was happy and the others went along with the wearing of the “hats”. Boy do I have great friends!

It was time for the first dance and we had forgotten to choose a song! So the bandleader approached me with a list and told me to pick one quick. I got to the E’s and saw the Barbara Streisand classic “Evergreen” it was as good as any other.  So bingo our wedding song is Evergreen. You won’t find it on any of the top wedding song lists but it worked and whenever my husband and I hear it we giggle at the memory.

bridesmaids2I had spent some time picking out the four tier flower covered cake with the cute precious moments couple perched on top. When it came time to cut the cake everything went off as planned, bride and groom both had a little frosting left on their faces.  Only later did I find out that the REAL cake had been dropped on the way into the reception and that the one I cut was made from cardboard with a real cake layer on the top where we cut it. The cooks had sheet cakes in the back that were cut into pieces and brought out to the guests. The only person at the wedding who knew of this catastrophe was my grandmother and she handled it perfectly! I found out after the honeymoon.

We were excited about the Caribbean cruise we would take the next day for our honeymoon and had safely stored our luggage for the early morning trip. When we arrived on the boat and began to unpack we found someone had found the luggage and filled every square inch with white rice. We had rice in every pant and shirt pocket, bottle top, and compact in our luggage! We were still finding rice in our pants cuffs and shoes months after the wedding!

Although this may not sound like the perfect wedding that you may expect it was perfect in every way. The bumps are really what made it perfect and memorable. I hope this helps you to relax a bit while planning your “perfect wedding” because you know everything will work out exactly as it should to make your day perfect!


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