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Stylistic key rings take off in popularity April 7, 2008

Posted by Jill Renee in : Jewelry , trackback

Have you noticed that more and more people are placing their keys on sterling silver keychains than ever before? The popularity of unique keychains seems to be in an upswing right now, as an increased number of people are sporting keychains that fit their personality. Many are seizing the opportunity to celebrate their individuality by picking keychains that match their hobbies and interests.

Some of the more popular keychains resemble animals. Dog lovers these days are quite fond of sterling silver dog keyrings with easy open safety latches. Danforth has a stunning dog keyring available that was manufactured in Italy by a talented keyring artist. The intricate detail of the ring is sure to turn heads. The dog’s head winds around the latch in spectacular fashion, and its eyes, ears, and nose have such exquisite detail that it almost looks like it could come alive and begin asking for pets. The floppiness of the dog’s ears also seems to have been captured well by the artist. The dog’s neck even has a little collar with a metal latch on it.

Maybe you’re more of a duck fan than a dog fan. Danforth has duck keyrings with easy open safety latches too. Not to be outdone by the dog keyrings, the duck keyrings were also designed with lavishing detail. Its eyes and cheeks glisten when light is shined on them, and its beak has the markings of perfection. Most people who place their keys on this keyring are quite satisfied. They find it a simple and effective way to demonstrate their love for the duck population.

Keyrings celebrating sports also make excellent gift items. If you’re like me, you know at least one person who has taken their love for a sport to a near-obsessive level. Let’s say that sport is golf, and that person’s birthday is around the corner. You’ve already gotten them every book on golf worth its salt, they already have enough golf balls, and they don’t need any more clubs. What golf related item can you get them that they don’t already own? How about a sterling silver and heavy rubber golf keychain, which is always a favorite amongst golf fans. Another item manufactured in Italy, this golf keychain is attractive and sturdy. A golf ball screws onto the heavy rubber loop threaded though the golf club to hold your keys firmly in place. It’s the perfect item to accompany you everywhere, especially on the golf course.

True fishing enthusiasts enjoy anything fish related, and fishing keychains are no exception. Danforth has a unique sterling silver and leather fish keyring that should delight any fishing fan if they receive it as a gift. Also handcrafted in Italy, this keyring resembles bait and is extraordinarily detailed. If someone opens a box and finds this in it, the first thing they will likely notice is the extreme attention to detail that the artist put in, and that’s what truly puts this gift over the top in comparison to other fishing related gift ideas. I doubt someone could go wrong if they present this item to a fisherman or fisherwoman.

Finding a keyring that fits a person’s unique personality is the ultimate goal when selecting gifts, and Danforth is happy to aid in this quest. I think you’ll find that it has an outstanding selection of stylistic keyrings, as a well as a wide variety of engagement rings, bracelets and many other jewelry items.

–Jill Renee


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