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The Best View Possible – 3D Diamond Rings January 10, 2008

Posted by Jill Renee in : Buying Diamonds, Buying Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry, Diamonds, Engagement Rings, Palladium Jewelry , trackback

Purchasing a diamond engagement ring is never an easy prospect, and when you add the thought of buying that ring online, there’s an entire level of uncertainty added. One is forced to take certain things into consideration when buying an engagement ring online – Is the picture online accurate? What does the other side of the band look like? Is the metal really that shiny? Fortunately, here at Danforth Diamond, we’ve taken some of the stress out of purchasing diamond engagement rings online.

At Danforth we understand that you might not know what a cathedral style ring or channel set diamonds looks like, and if the picture on the website doesn’t give you a great view, it’s understandable why you would be apprehensive about buying the ring. That’s why we’ve added a series of 3D pictures to the Danforth Diamond website. Our 3D views are the ACTUAL ring not a computer-generated photo of the ring in 3D.

Currently featuring over 20 rings, our 3D Diamond Engagement Rings give you the best possible view of the ring your interested in. Speed up, slow down, or completely stop the rotating image to see every angle of the diamond engagement ring you’re interested in to make sure that it’s exactly what she’ll want. You wouldn’t buy a car without at least seeing what the interior looks like, so why would you buy a diamond ring without seeing what the other side looks like? Take a look at our 3D Diamond Engagement Rings and you’ll quickly understand why we’re doing everything we can at Danforth Diamond to ease the ring buying process.

-Jill Renee


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