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Is It Time to Pop the Question? November 28, 2006

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You love each other, you depend on each other, and you can’t imagine life without each other. While you may be thinking about making it all official, how do you know he’s thinking the same thing? Does he want to pop the question, but he’s waiting for a sign from you? (Because if he’s even THINKING of popping the question, you want to make sure that he knows what kind of diamond engagement ring you want – after all you’ve gotta wear that thing for the rest of your life!)

While you may be confident that you’re ready for a lifetime commitment with the love of your life, how do you know he’s ready? It’s no secret that women are often ready to stand in front of the altar long before their partners are.

In Askmen.com’s article “Signs You’re Ready to Pop The Question,” author Andy Ajzenkopf offers a guide for men that may give you a peak inside of his head to know what he’s thinking.

Top Ten: Signs You’re Ready to Pop The Question

By: Andy Ajzenkopf

Contrary to popular belief, most guys want to get married… eventually. It may take us longer to recognize the symptoms of marriageitis , but it’s there nonetheless. Sharing our lives with one woman, having steady sex for life and the possibility of kids crosses our minds.

Of course, this could all result from your woman’s constant hinting at marriage. Hey, it’s like Chris Rock says, “Women get married; men surrender.”

While you’re chewing on that, have a look at the top 10 things that should alert you to the fact that you might want to “make an honest woman” out of your current belle.

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